Heat Embossed Gift Tags

Learn how to create heat embossed gift tags and cards this holiday season using a Wagner heat gun to add a festive touch.
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HT400 Heat Gun


Have you ever tried heat embossing? It is so satisfying to watch the embossing powder melt. If you try it, you will get hooked! I have been embossing gift tags and Christmas cards this season and wanted to share the fun and easy process.


heat embossing gift tags, supplies that you need, HT400 Heat Gun Wagner


Heat embossed gift tags


heat embossing gift tags, supplies that you need, HT400 Heat Gun Wagner


• Embossing Ink Pad
• Embossing Powder
• Rubber Stamps
• Cards
• Gift Tags

Step 1

person putting stamp on name card, heat embossing with Wagner HT400 Heat Gun


Press the stamp onto the embossing pad. The embossing ink is clear so on white paper it is hard to tell where it was stamped until the powder sticks to it. You may want to practice on a piece of scrap paper before starting on the gift tags or your greeting card. There are also embossing ink pens which could be fun if you have nice handwriting to personalize your cards and tags.

Step 2

adding embossing powder onto the name tag

Add Powder

Pour some of the powder onto the card or gift tag where the ink is and make sure the whole thing gets covered well. Dump the excess back into the powder container to use again later. I also like to blow on it to get any extra powder off.

Step 3

Heating up the powder, use a silicone pad when using the Wagner HT400 Heat Gun

Heat It Up!

You will need a heating tool in order to emboss. I used my HT400 Wagner heat gun because it is small and perfect for crafts just like this. I used it on the lower setting. It does not blow a ton of air (so it doesn’t blow the powder away) and is a good temperature for this project. I also used the heat gun a few weeks ago to make icicle ornaments! If you have gloves on you can hold the gift tags and cards, or you can use the silicone mat that comes with the heat gun kit. It is so handy to have!

Step 4

Emboss other items for the holidays. Holiday family picture cards

Emboss Other Holiday Items

I added some snowflakes to my printed Christmas cards this year. I also added an embossed touch to the envelope. It reminds me of a wax stamp with a signet ring. If you don’t have a family photo card to send, you could make your own with stamps and emboss them. There are so many cute stamp sets you can buy!

Imagine how cute homemade Valentines would be using the heat embossing method! Or table setting cards for a wedding? Adorable. What would you emboss first?

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Step 5

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