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Team Spirit -Spray your truck bed and some cast off furnishings and get the team ready for game day celebrating!

Spray your truck bed and some cast off furnishings and get the team ready for game day celebrating! Revive your truck bed and renew its uses with a Wagner sprayer that makes DIY fun and easy.

Tailgate Party

the new food truck

A team wagon builds spirit and makes sense. Corral your gear and celebrate your efforts at every game. Bring your soccer gear and everything else you need to celebrate right to the field. Baskets and boxes hold refreshments. Paint tables and totes in team colors and invite competitors to join you after the game to perch on the tailgate and recharge. This “food truck” will be the talk of the team. A pickup truck bed can take a real beating and having it relined professionally can be costly. Use Wagner’s MotoCoat sprayer and recast your truck bed with a tough, glossy coat of linerperfect for all the moving and hauling of everyday life or your favorite sports team. Then, at the end of the day, marvel at the indestructible finish and throw a party to celebrate.

Soccer Team Tailgate Party


A well-used pickup needs a quick renew to become the team pep wagon for getting all the gear to the field and for reviving the players at the end of the games.

Truck bed before painting


Use painter’s tape and plastic drop cloths to mask off and protect the truck’s exterior siding from any overspray. A tough coating of Rustoleum truck bed liner sprayed on using the Wagner MotoCoat Sprayer revives a worn truck bed fast and inexpensively.

Spraying truck bed liner


A new surface that makes the truck look great and ready to compete on the field as the peppiest pep wagon around.

Truck bed after spray liner


Create a no-skid bottom for all kinds of totes and containers that will ride in the bed of the truck. Aluminum pails, glass bottles and jars and even the bottoms of baskets can all be coated to keep items in place as gear gets moved from field to field. Tape off containers to expose spray area. Coat and let dry overnight. Handwash jars and bottles with warm soapy water after use. An old castoff picnic table and a pair of benches are transformed into a spectacular setting awaiting the winning team. Small but sturdy, they provide an additional place to set up food as well as a resting spot for players to recharge. To paint your own, hold the sprayer nozzle three inches from the surface you are painting and glide back and forth in an even, horizontal pattern.

Buckets painted with truck bed liner

Spraying a picnic table

team spirit

Coordinate all your team items by spraying them the same hues as your uniforms. Employ the Wagner’s Home Decor sprayer to transform baskets, thrift store picnic tables and all kinds of boxes and containers that can hold team supplies. Store your coordinated items all together for easy access until the next game. This smaller tabletop sprayer has the right amount of power for these projects. In just minutes, you can personalize all of your gear in your team colors and make a real splash on the sidelines.

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