Christmas Ornaments with Heat Gun

Making Holiday Ornaments

Create unique, festive, colorful holiday ornaments with the FURNO Heat Guns. They are easy to make and perfect for celebrating the season.

Step 1

On a paper covered work surface assemble all the tools and materials. For this project, you will need a Wagner FURNO heat gun, crayons in your preferred colors, clear glass ornaments, paring knife, ornament hooks, napkin or paper towel, exacto knife and assorted mini glasses and dishes.

Step 2

Select crayon colors you would like to work with. Use an exacto knife to cut away paper covering around crayon.

Step 3

Use paring knife to cut crayons into chips and shards. Several colors are complimentary. Keep color shards separate and decide before assembling where you want colors to appear inside ornament.

Step 4

Remove metal top and add crayon shavings to inside of ornament... 1 to 2 teaspoons is plenty.

Step 5

Place napkin over glass votive to cradle the ball. With heat gun on low gently heat and roll the ornament until crayon flakes become liquid and flow 30 to 45 seconds.

Step 6

Let first color solidify (about 1 minute). Add second color of Crayola flakes to the front top of the glass ball.

Step 7

Place ornament atop napkin covered glass, heat and swirl.

Step 8

Swirl ornament and heat with heat gun on low setting. Let crayon solidify and add third and fourth color if desired.

Step 9

Tie ribbon on or add ornament hook and hang from Christmas tree bough or in a window.

Christmas Ornaments with Heat Gun

GREAT GIFT IDEA... give the Wagner FURNO heat gun as a gift and attach a few of the premade ornaments as inspiration.

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