How to Deep Clean with a Steam Cleaner

Learn how to deep clean your home for the holidays using a Wagner chemical-free steam cleaner. With one tool, you can clean countless areas!

Have guests coming for the holidays? Here are four quick and easy ways to use Wagner's 915 On-Demand Steam Cleaner to deep clean your house and get ready for those holiday guests! You’ll be pretty amazed at how much of a difference you can make in your home with just this one tool.

Wagner’s 915 On-Demand Power Steamer is very easy to use - simply add water to the water compartment (the funnel is included!), turn it on, and wait for it to heat up. The steamer will come with a variety of attachments for all sorts of different tasks - and the included instruction booklet will help you determine which attachment works best for everything you’re cleaning.

Here are four of my very favorite ways to get a really deep clean in a short amount of time - it’s perfect for when you’re having guests come stay at your home!

TASK ONE: Clean your rugs and carpets

Did you know that you can deep clean your rugs and carpet with a steam cleaner? It can remove dirt build up and stains, and it doesn’t require any harsh chemicals or scrubbing. This is a fantastic way to get a super clean home without having to hire professional carpet cleaners - stains and dirt can be lifted right up with almost no effort! Be sure to test your steamer on an inconspicuous spot on your rugs before you clean the entire space.

TASK TWO: Clean your couch and other upholstered furniture

Once you’ve finished with your carpet, go ahead and use the exact same attachment to clean your sofa! If you have kids or pets you’ll know that stains can show up frequently on your couch, and the steam cleaner can make a world of difference.

As with the carpet, be sure to test the steamer on your sofa and wait about 24 hours before you clean the whole thing - most sofas will handle the steamer just fine, but it’s always recommended to test first.

TASK THREE: Clean your baseboards

It might not seem like the most high-impact cleaning task, but sparkling clean baseboards can genuinely make your entire home feel notably cleaner. Start by dusting them off using the wand attachment on your vacuum, then once the majority of the dust has been removed you can use the 915 On-Demand Power Steamer to get them fully clean.

It’s hard to fully describe the power of freshly cleaned baseboards until you’ve experienced it, but it’s absolutely worth the effort if you’ll be having holiday guests!

TASK FOUR: Clean the tile grout

Finally, the last deep cleaning task that will make a huge difference for you is using your steamer to clean all of the grout in your bathroom. If you want to go all-in you can also clean the tile with the squeegee attachment, but just the grout on the floor will go a long way! Over time, grout can become discolored and stained (especially in the bathroom) and a deep cleaning can make the room feel far cleaner.

And with those four quick and simple tasks, you’ll get a shocking amount of deep cleaning done in your house, and your guests will be wildly impressed with how clean your home is!

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