How to clean a brick fireplace with a steamer, and how to paint a fireplace insert

How to Clean a Fireplace With a Steam Cleaner

Cleaning a fireplace doesn't have to be a daunting task. Use this easy DIY guide to clean your fireplace quicker!



Do you have an outdated and old brass fireplace? Have you ever wanted to clean and update it but don't know how? Cleaning and updating your fireplace is much easier than you think. Prepping your fireplace for cooler weather is easy with the Wagner 915 On Demand Steamer. You can fully clean your fireplace and have it painted within a day!


The brick fireplace prior to steam cleaning the surfaces and glass doors


How to clean a brick fireplace with a steamer, and how to paint a fireplace insert

Cleaning your fireplace insert

Updating my fireplace has been on the list of DIY home projects for a while. A couple years ago I started working on it by removing a layer of brick, but I edned up putting the project on hold. Ever since then I have lived with a not so pretty fireplace insert.

After a little bit of research, I realized cleaning the fireplace and updating the insert was an easy project. Follow this easy step-by-step guide to clean your fireplace and update the insert and have it ready for the winter.

The best way to clean brick fireplace is with a steam cleaner

Empty the fireplace

To get started you'll want to remove everything you can from the fireplace. That includes the logs, sand, etc... I would have removed my fireplace grate but it was attached to the floor. Next, vacuum the entire area including the walls. This will ensure you've removed any loose debris, ash, etc., which will make cleaning the fireplace easier.

A fireplace with everything removed, except for the fixed fireplace grate

Prepare the steamer

Next, prepare a Wagner Steam Cleaner with distilled water and add the jet nozzle and brush. Then start steaming the interior walls and floor. It's best to work from top to bottom and to have a cleaning rag to wipe away excess water.

A woman cleaning the soot from the inside of a fireplace with a steam cleaner

Clean the glass

I was able to remove all the soot along with the dust I couldn't get to with a vacuum. Then I attached the squeegee to steam clean the glass doors of the fireplace. The extension tube also made the inside of the glass easier to clean.

Also, steam cleaning glass shower doors, grout, countertops, etc., around the house is not only easier, but also chemical free.

Removing stains from glass with a steam cleaner

Paint the insert

Next, I prepped and spray painted the insert black (you can see more on this process at A Shade of Teal. I originally planned to paint the entire interior black but once I finished steam cleaning the fireplace, I realized how nice the interior really was. So I figured why paint it when it practically looks brand new!

Pro Tip: Unless your fireplace is entirely decorative, make sure you choose a high-temperature paint. If you're in doubt, ask the professionals in the paint section.

A fireplace masked off prior to spray painting

Decorate and enjoy

Finally, I decorated my newly cleaned & painted fireplace for Fall. Here's the results.

Make sure to head on over to my blog, A Shade of Teal for more on how I decorated my fireplace for Fall along with how I prepped and painted the fireplace insert!

This sponsored post was created by A Shade of Teal. Head to the blog for the full post and details.

How to clean a brick fireplace with a steamer, and how to paint a fireplace insert
Products Used


Wagner 915 On Demand Steamer

Distilled water

Cleaning rags

Drop cloth


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