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HT400 Heat Gun

$ 26.99
The HT400 Heat Tool is a versatile heat gun for home, workshop and hobby projects. Its small size is ideal for getting into hard to reach places and working on delicate crafting and DIY related projects.

Its simple, pencil-like design features a dual high (680°F/360°C) and low (450°F/230°C) temperature setting that allows you to complete countless tasks. Some ideas include embossing cards and other crafting projects, repairing electronics or wire, shrinking electrical tubes, shrink wrapping presents, making jewelry and more.

The heat gun also has a retractable stand, allowing for hands free operation when your project requires two hands. Whatever your next project that requires heat, the HT400 is the tool for you.


  • Two temperature settings: high 680°F (360°C) and low 450°F (230°C)
  • Unique angled design offering three operating positions (palm, pencil and hands free)
  • Small size makes it easy to get into hard-to-reach places
  • Able to apply concentrated high heat on small areas
  • Retractable stand for hands free operation
  • Versatile heat gun for home, workshop, craft and hobby projects
  • Complete countless projects like shrink wrapping and electrical wire shrink tubing


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Find out what’s new from Wagner including product news, exclusive email offers, promotions and more.