HT400 Electric Kit

$ 34.99
The HT400 Electric Kit heat gun is a versatile kit for heat shrink tubing and electronic repairs. The kit includes the HT400 heat gun that’s ideal for adhesive removal, shrink tubing, applying or removing decals and more.

Its small, compact size is great for reaching into hard-to-reach areas and working on delicate electrical or home projects. The simple, pencil-like design features a dual high (680°F/360°C) and low (450°F/230°C) temperature setting to suit your needs.

It also comes with multiple accessories to assist with your home or electrical work. The included flare nozzle applies heat in a wide, even pattern. The included curved nozzle and bonus shrink tubes can be used to evenly shrink tubes around wires.


HT400 Heat Gun Electrical Kit
HT400 Heat Gun Electrical Kit Video


  • High 680°F (360°C) and low 450°F (230°C) temperature settings
  • Three operating positions: palm, pencil and hands free
  • Ideal for applying highly concentrated heat on small areas
  • Hands free operation with retractable stand
  • Great for home, workshop and hobby projects
  • Includes flare nozzle, curved nozzle and wire shrink tubes
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