Paint Spray Window Boxes & Planters

How to dress up your window boxes and garden planters for exterior home décor.

What you need:

Step 1: Paint Spray a Coat of Primer

Prepare an area for paint spraying by laying down a painter's drop cloth - if you're painting inside of your garage, a Wagner Studio Spray Tent provides better paint containment. Fill the front end detail nozzle with primer paint and spray plant pot or box completely.

A Wagner FLEXiO HVLP paint sprayer being used to prime a planter

A person using a Wagner FLEXiO paint sprayer to prime a window box planter

Step 2: Paint Spray Your Color of Choice

Once sprayed and completely dried, load the sprayer front end detail nozzle with paint color of your choice.
Spray the planter by holding the detail nozzle 5-7 inches from the surface and glide smoothly from left to right. Place the spray pattern on horizontal spray.

A person using a Wagner FLEXio paint sprayer to paint a planter violet

Step 3: Apply Patterns With Stencils

Let dry thoroughly and tape on plastic stencil with frog tape or tape off pattern with paint tape. Load detail nozzle with contrasting color and spray paint over stencil or tape. Let dry and repeat.

Planters and window boxes stenciled and taped off for decorative paint spraying

Step 4: Remove Painter's Tape

Remove the tape and stencil to reveal the design.

A person removing the blue painter's tape to show the freshly paint sprayed design

A person removing a stencil from a window box to show the paint sprayed stencil design

Step 5: Good Areas for Planters and Boxes

Plant with your favorite flowers and place the boxes and planters on patio, deck or porch rail!

Repeat for Paint Sprayed Window Boxes

A newly paint sprayed planter with house number for outdoor décor

A fresh paint sprayed railing box planter being displayed on the porch

A planter paint sprayed with spring blue colors shown with a vintage green watering can

Tip: Use this same process on window boxes, planters and cache pots.
Same Process can be used for cement, wooden planters or terra cotta.

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