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whitewashed outdoor furniture

How to White Wash Patio Furniture

Learn how to add a whitewash effect to outdoor patio furniture and use a Wagner paint sprayer to get a super smooth finish.



After years of sun exposure, my patio furniture is looking faded and dull. My kids lounge chairs have definitely seen better days. From having a puppy chew on all the corners, sun faded cushions, and warped wood, they were due for an update. To give them a white wash stain look I used my Wagner FLEXiO 3000 Sprayer, here's how you can do the same.


wagner paint sprayer on patio chair


outdoor patio furniture

Prep your patio furniture

Prep work! Before you can start you'll need to fully prep your furniture. I used my pressure washer to thoroughly clean the wood and the cushions. I also patched up some blemishes and chew marks from when my dog was a puppy (apparently these chairs were a perfect chew toy for him!) I also made sure to re-tighten all the loose bolts and screws.

wooden patio furniture

Get your sprayer ready

Once everything was dry, I started prepping my Wagner FLEXiO 3000 Sprayer with the Detail Finish Nozzle. This is the smaller Nozzle and it's great for small projects and fine finishing, which includes staining projects. For my stain I used a White Wash Pickling stain since I wanted a white finish while still being able to see the grain.

flexio paint sprayer with patio furniture

Spray with stain

Set up a spray area and slowly start spraying the stain. I started by spraying small areas and then used a clean cloth to wipe away the excess stain. You'll want to start with a small section to test out the desired color. I found if I left it on too long without wiping the excess it almost acted as a paint rather than a stain. So keep that in mind before you start.

woman spraying patio furniture

Let dry, add poly top coat, and add cushions

Allow everything to fully dry before adding a top coat of poly. Then add back your cushions and it's ready to be enjoyed again!

outdoor patio furniture

Enjoy your refreshed patio furniture!

As you can see I also gave my cushions a makeover as well. You can see more on how I did that along with more on how I transformed my Kids Patio Furniture with the Wagner FLEXiO 3000 Sprayer at A Shade of Teal.

This sponsored post was created by A Shade of Teal. To see the full post and tutorial head over to A Shade of Teal.

closeup of outdoor furniture
Products Used


Wagner FLEXiO 3000 Paint Sprayer

White Wash Wood Stain


Rag or cloth

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