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How to Use the SMART Roller

Learn how to use the Wagner SMART Roller to easily paint and update a room.



Painting a room can be overwhelming and exhausting - but with the right tools, it doesn’t have to be! You can totally transform a room with a lot less effort by using products like Wagner’s SMART Roller to help you - it holds paint in an attached tube and re-fills with the click of a button. Read on to see a few tips on how to use this smart little product to give your space a fresh look in no time at all.

Wagner’s SMART Roller has a long tube attached to it that holds paint - preventing you from needing to bend over and refill your roller constantly! To fill it, all you need to do is insert the fill tube into your gallon of paint, slide the fill valve over it, and pull back to load up the paint tube. Once the paint tube is full, you can simply pull the trigger to load up your roller with paint, and you’re ready to transform your space!

Not only does the SMART Roller make the job a little easier on your back, it speeds up the painting process quite a bit. Without the need to reload your roller as frequently, you’re able to keep working and accomplish a lot more before you go back to fill up the paint tube again.


Follow these steps

We used Wagner’s SMART Roller to help us give our bedroom a fresh coat of paint when we were preparing it to go on the market. When you’re doing a bunch of different projects around the house to prepare for listing, it can feel like a lot to also add painting a room to the list. But thankfully, we were able to use the SMART Roller to get the job done and it was significantly faster than it would have been without it - something we were grateful for as we frantically tried to get the house ready!

Cleanup is simple with the SMART Roller too - all of the details are laid out in the manual, but here’s a quick look at the process.

- First, pull back the plunger to get any remaining paint from the roller arm assembly back into the tube.

- Insert the fill valve on the fill tube in the can of paint and push the plunger in to release all of the excess paint back into the can.

- Remove the roller cover and put all of the small pieces into a bucket of soapy water.

- Clip the fill tube into your container of soapy water and fill the tube with your cleaning solution by pulling the plunger out. Push it back into the container and repeat about 5 times. Basically, you're just trying to circulate the cleaning solution through the tube to help remove all of the paint.

- The directions will walk you through this, but you'll slowly disassemble the rest of the SMART Roller (removing one part at a time) and repeat the process of running soapy water through it. You may need to replace the cleaning solution halfway through!

- The rest of the pieces get cleaned by hand, and you're done!


Enjoy your freshly painted space

If you’ve got a painting job coming up and you’ve been putting it off, consider trying out the SMART Roller to make the job faster and easier. You’ll never go back to the old way of painting!

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