Transform a Room with Board and Batten

Add unique character and intrigue to any room by adding board and batten to the walls! Make the project easier with Wagner tools.

A simple board and batten wall and some color can not only add unique character to a room, but it also helps make the room look larger. Painting it is a breeze with Wagner painting tools.

I have wanted to add a feature wall in my bedroom for a while and after a lot of thought, decided keep it simple with a full board and batten wall. It was really easy to install and you can read more about the installation process.

To paint the wall, I used my Wagner FLEXiO Paint Sprayer. It not only makes it quick to paint the entire wall, you can easily paint all the sides of the boards, get into all the corners AND get a uniform smooth coverage - no need to worry about brush or roller marks!

The paint doesn’t need any thinning and the overspray is minimal.

The entire process including prep and 2 coats took me a total of one hour of active time which is fantastic given the end product is so powerful.

To paint the remaining walls, I used the Wagner SMART Roller and being the tiny room that it is, I was able to finish a coat with just one refill.

Just a few boards, paint and smart tools give the room a completely new character! It is a simple weekend project!

This sponsored project was created by Anika's DIY Life. Head to the blog to get all the details of the project and more pictures of the room.

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