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after shot of the patio

Teak Table Makeover and DIY Bench

Give your summer patio a complete update. Use the Control Spray QX5 sprayer to restore a teak wood table and create and stain a DIY outdoor bench!



Hey everyone, this is Lindi from Love Create Celebrate. It’s summer at last! We are tackling as many outdoor projects as we can to keep enjoying the sunshine while we work.


Planning for the project

Last year we did a ton of exterior working, including painting our entire home with our Wagner sprayer, and staining a new pergola! This year we wanted to do a mini makeover on the back deck to make the most of the beautiful dining area.

before shot of table

Restore the teak table

We have a teak table that we had tried some quick fixes on a couple of times, and those never lasted long, so this year we wanted to do it right, and use our Wagner QX5 sprayer to help us get into all of the nooks and grooves of the table.

outdoor patio scene

Build outdoor bench

Not only did we want the table fixed up, we also wanted to build a new modern bench to maximize the seating for some outdoor dinners. We used a simple design and built the bench of our pine.

working on bench

Stain outdoor bench

The stain and finishing were also done with our QX5 Sprayer to easily get into the corners and cracks!

spraying stain on outdoor bench

Clean up

The transformation of taking our table from old and weathered to shiny and new is unbelievable! The finish is gorgeous, and with the sprayer and easy clean-up, we did the entire project in an afternoon. The new modern bench was the perfect seating addition too!


Enjoy the new patio look

We shared the entire mini outdoor makeover, and the build plans for our new modern bench, on our blog and YouTube channel. To see all of the details, visit our post and video tutorial at Love Create Celebrate!

after shot of the patio
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