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grey and white garage exterior

Stucco Garage Makeover

Discover the best way to paint a stucco garage exterior. Stucco can be difficult to paint by hand, but a Wagner paint sprayer gets the job done quickly.



This detached garage has waited more than 60 years for a makeover. Backing on to a busy alleyway, it’s seen its share of graffiti and was the perfect canvas for testing out the Wagner FLEXiO 5000 Paint Sprayer. The front of the garage had a section painted by hand before realizing how much paint and how much time that takes. The paint sprayer covered the garage in two coats with only 3 cans of paint. Here’s some tips to make it happen.


Clean and Prepare Stucco for Painting

We used a pressure washer to clean the stucco on the garage. You could use a deck brush and hose if you don’t have a pressure washer. The goal is just to clean off any dirt or grime that your paint would stick to - you want the paint to adhere to the stucco. We also scraped the wood window frames.

power washing stucco garage

Mask Off Soffits and Trim

Masking can be the most time consuming part of using a paint sprayer. But it’s easy and allows you to paint so quickly and easily. We used thick kraft paper from the painting section of the hardware store on the soffits. We taped this up with painters tape, taking care to tape right up to edge of the stucco. We really only masked the soffits and the garage door. We were painting the doors and window trim and the fences so weren’t concerned about overspray on those.

covering trim with paper

Paint the Stucco

Now you’re ready to paint! The settings we found worked best for painting the stucco was air pressure to max, paint flow to 9 and with a wide angle spray pattern. Go slow to ensure great coverage, stucco can take more paint than fine finish surfaces. Make sure to spray straight on to avoid a shadow on the stucco. Since it’s faceted, if you spray from an angle, you’ll coat just one face of the tiny rocks and when looking at it from the opposite angle, you’ll see a shadow of your old color.

spraying stucco with sprayer

Remove Masking and Admire Your Work

When you are happy with the coverage (for me, that was two coats), you can remove your masking and admire your work!

This sponsored post was created by Lemon Thistle. You can see the whole garage makeover with more information on the project right HERE.

grey and white garage exterior
Products Used


Wagner FLEXiO 5000 Paint Sprayer

Power washer or hose with deck brush

Paint: Stucco specific paint or any exterior paint if previously painted

Masking: Painters tape and thick kraft paper (flooring protector)

Safety glasses and mask recommended

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