How to Steam Clean Your Coffee Maker

Easily clean your coffee maker or Keurig machine using nothing but chemical free steam and vinegar!
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At our house, the coffee maker gets used hard and often, and we need to be sure that it’s kept functioning at peak performance. While we mostly use it for coffee, the kids love to brew hot apple cider, especially at this time of year, and I’ve noticed that if I don’t keep things clean then their brew tastes more like apple coffee–yuck!

Cleaning your coffee maker

Cleaning your Coffee Maker

Once every few weeks, I follow this easy cleaning routine with our Wagner home steamer to keep our coffee maker sparkling clean, inside and out.

Step #1

Fill the steamer

Fill the Steamer

First, I use the included funnel to fill the reservoir with distilled water. While you can use tap water, we have hard water, so I prefer to use distilled.
While the steamer heats up, I fill the coffee maker’s tank with half water, half white vinegar, and run it through the system. After the water/vinegar tank, I run another four or five tanks of clean water through to flush out any residual vinegar.

Step #2

Locate the attachments

Locate the Attachments

The smaller brushes are located inside the steamer, right next to the fill cap. I used the nylon brush and the spray nozzle for this project.

Step #3

Clean the machine

Clean the Machine

The coffee spatters on the machine are almost impossible to remove with just a sponge and water, but the steamer made easy work of them.

Step #4

Clean the single-use cup insert area

Clean the Single-Use Cup Insert Area

Then I moved on to cleaning the area where you insert the single-use cup. If you don’t clean this area regularly, your apple cider/iced tea etc. will all taste slightly of coffee. The steamer cleaned all the coffee residue off quickly and thoroughly and I didn’t have to worry about poking myself on the needle, which I do every single time when I use a sponge. Keep this part from getting messy by putting a coffee mug underneath to catch the runoff.

Step #5

Clean beneath the water reservoir

Clean Beneath the Water Reservoir

A quick once over of the area beneath the water reservoir keeps everything clean and sanitary.

Step #6

Wipe down the maker

Wipe Down the Maker

The last step is just to wipe the exterior of the coffee maker down with a clean cloth (I just dampen mine with water).

Step #7

Enjoy your efforts

Enjoy your Efforts

Now that my coffee maker is sparkling clean, inside and out, it’s time to brew up a mug of apple cider and enjoy the taste of fall!
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Step #8

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