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A Wagner steam cleaner being used to steam clean the kitchen sink

Spring Cleaning With a Steam Cleaner

Refresh and renew your home for spring by doing a thorough deep cleaning session with a chemical-free, Wagner steam cleaner.



Cleaning with steam is easy, and after using my Wagner steam cleaner around the house for spring cleaning, I was impressed with how much I got done with this product alone. Not to mention how much quicker I was able to clean. After you've used a steamer to clean your home for the first time, you'll wonder how you got it done without one.


Cleaning the Kitchen Backsplash

I wanted to give my kitchen backsplash a thorough cleaning, and anyone who has done this before knows it can be one of the most frustrating chores. I can’t believe how quickly grease accumulates in that area. Usually I scrub it with a mildly abrasive bleach cleaner and follow that up by wiping it down with a sponge and water. However, I found it much easier and faster to steam clean the backsplash. Not only does the steam cut through the accumulated grease easily, it also cleaned the grout, and other little crannies easier.

A woman using a wagner steamer to steam clean the kitchen backsplash

Cleaning the Stove

Next, I moved to steam cleaning the stove top. Using the steamer’s jet nozzle, I blasted the grates and used a soft brush to wipe away any loosened particles. This was the quickest I’ve ever gotten the stovetop clean.

A woman steam cleaning the stove to remove grease, burnt food, and stains

Cleaning the Kitchen Sink

Next up was steam cleaning the kitchen sink. I used the same nozzle and soft brush to steam clean the hard water stains and gunk that inevitably builds up around the base of the kitchen faucet. This was much quicker and easier to than scrubbing away at it!

At this point I realized that using the steamer is great, because I hadn’t needed any other cleaning products for these areas. Fewer products, less money spent and of course, less chemicals.

Steam cleaning the kitchen sink is an easy way to remove stains and gunk build up

Cleaning the Bathroom

A Wagner steam cleaner for the bathroom proved to be extremely versatile. It was a fast and great way to clean the bathroom without the use of harsh chemical cleaners.

A wagner steam cleaner used as a chemical free way to clean the bathroom

Cleaning the Bathroom Doorknob

First, I wanted to disinfect the doorknobs. With all the viruses going around, I wanted them to be totally sanitized. I gave the door knob and other hardware a few blasts from the steamer, and wiped those down with the lint free cloth as well.

A wagner steamer being used to clean the doorknob and bathroom hardware

Cleaning the Bathroom Faucet

The bathroom faucet received the same steam cleaning treatment as the kitchen. The bathroom one is even more difficult to clean because I can’t fit my hand behind it.

A woman using a steam cleaner to demonstrate how to clean the bathroom with a steamer

Scrubbing with a Toothbrush

I used the steam on it followed by a toothbrush, which I can more easily fit behind the faucet.

A woman using a steamer and toothbrush to clean the bathroom faucet

Cleaning the Rest of the Bathroom

The shower and shower head also got a good steam cleaning, and then I moved onto the windows.

One thing to note when steam cleaning windows is that you shouldn’t use it if the temperature is below 32 degrees. It could result in cracking.

For the window, I used the squeegee attachment as I did on my tiles. In almost no time, my windows were sparkling and, as an added bonus, no streaks!

A Wagner steamer being used to clean the windows

Save Yourself Time and Money

My takeaway after my round of spring cleaning with the steamer was how much quicker I got all of these things done, and how much money I can save using the steamer in place of the assorted cleaners I used previously for these jobs. The steamer will basically pay for itself and then some!

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