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preserved wedding flower

Save the Bouquet: Preserving Flowers in Resin

Save your bridal bouquet after the wedding by preserving the flowers in resin to use as a centerpiece or decoration in your home.



Hey y’all, Today I have a fun resin project for all of you Brides… a little save the bouquet project if you will. Honestly whether you’re looking to save flowers from your bouquet, the centerpieces at your wedding, petals from an event or just flowers that you’ve grown in your yard preserving them in resin is such a fun project! Plus you’ll be able to use your new resin piece as a decoration and enjoy it for years to come!

When you’re working with a bouquet you may want to put several flowers together in a large display but for today we’re going to be be doing a starter project… a single rose from my bouquet in a spherical mold that I can place on my mantle. I can’t wait to show you how it turned out! Ready to get started?


supplies for wedding flowers


preserved wedding flower

Mix and Pour Resin on Flower

To get started we’re going to mix clear resin and completely flood our flower. Flowers are fragile (even once they’re dried like these have been) and resin gets hot when it cures! Which means we need to be careful not to burn the petals.

preserving flower in resin

Pour Resin in Flower

Pouring resin in every single nook and cranny of the flower helps with that… it also helps to prevent bubbles. Of course, once you’ve flooded your flower with resin you’ll want to add the first layer of resin to your mold. Pour the resin in a thin stream from high up to reduce the amount of bubbles as much as possible. Then grab your heat gun and pop any surface bubbles you can see!

flower with resin

Pop Air Bubbles with Heat Gun

I often get asked if you can use a torch to pop bubbles in a silicone mold like this and the answer is yes BUT you risk melting your silicone mold because the torch is to hot. My little Wagner HT400 is my go-to heat gun since it pops bubbles but doesn’t melt my silicone mold!

wagner heat gun

Continue Popping!

Once you’ve popped any bubbles within the mold you can use your heat gun to pop any bubbles in the flowers resin as well… but use quick passes over the flower and don’t hit any one spot of the flower for long. You don’t want the heat gun to burn your petals.

My HT400 has two settings (high and low) so I like to use the high setting for the silicone mold and the low setting for the delicate petals of the flower… you can burn the petals with the high setting! Which is one reason I love that this heat gun has different settings and I don’t have to set out a million different tools.

Not to mention if a heat gun can burn petals imagine what a torch would do!

resin mold and flower

Allow to Cure and Repeat

Once you’ve popped all the bubbles go ahead and leave your pieces to cure for about 2-3 hours (2 hours if it’s a hot day, 3 if it’s humid). Then it’s a repetitive cycle… you’ll continue to fill your mold with 80ml of resin, pop the bubbles and let it cure! Keep doing this until your mold is filled all the way up with resin… and make sure to actually add your flower to the mold around layer 3!


Remove from Mold and Enjoy

If you want the full step by step tutorial you can check it out here… or watch the full process in video form on YouTube!

Ready for the pretty finished shots?

resin bouquet mold

Place it Somewhere in Your Home

It makes for a great centerpiece or piece of decor in your home!

resin bouquet mold
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