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accent wall after painting

How To Quickly and Easily Paint an Accent Wall

Learn how to quickly and easily paint an accent wall using a Wagner paint roller to get the job done in a fraction of the time.



With the new ‘work from home’ reality many of us are now in, creating a workspace where you can be productive is key. When it became clear that my husband’s job would keep him at home for the indefinite future we knew we needed to set up a more permanent solution for him to work in throughout the day.


wall before painting


wall after painting

Choose color based on purpose

I had to give up my pretty blush pink and gold office (and relocated it to another part of our home) for his sake, so we quickly dismantled the room and set about making it a more masculine work environment. The easiest way to change the entire look of a room is by painting. In this space I wanted to use a dark color that would really pop in the space, so I selected the dark green/brown/gray Urbane Bronze (by Sherwin Williams) to create an accent wall behind the desk. Not only does it create a focal point in the room, but it gives him a polished background for his constant work-related conference calls.

office before painting

Mask and apply paint

I quickly taped off the wall I planned to paint using painter’s tape to ensure a sharp edge and laid down plastic drop cloths to catch the occasional drips. Then, using the Wagner Smart Roller, I started to apply the paint.

applying paint with smart roller

Use the Wagner smart roller

The Smart Roller is a great painting tool, not only does it save you from having to use messy paint trays but it also provides a constant flow of paint to the roller from the storage chamber in the handle. With the long handle it also allows you to reach to an 8’ ceiling without constantly climbing up a ladder. It makes the painting process so much faster, you simply fill the roller handle with paint using the built-in suction, then gently apply pressure forward forcing the paint to saturate the roller, keeping the paint flowing as you roll it on the wall.

filling smart roller

Let dry between coats

After two coats (with a brief drying time in between) the wall was complete. It was an easy afternoon project, and cleanup with The Smart Roller is simple, as it comes apart and rinses easily. The roller covers are disposable or you can wash them to reuse, whichever you prefer.

accent wall painted in progress

Add furniture and enjoy!

We switched out the furniture in the room, adding a new more rustic desk and some shelving and the space was completely transformed in just a matter of hours.

The Smart Roller makes a paint project like this amazingly simple. The space looks completely different now, my husband has a quiet, refined workspace all of his own. You can see more of the space over at 11 Magnolia Lane.

accent wall after painting
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