Pine Cone Fire Starters

Fall hostess gifts should be unique and useful. Make up a batch of pinecone fire starters and fill a basket with the gift that really makes use of your heat gun.
Project Type
FURNO 750 Heat Gun


Use a heat gun, some leftover crayons and a fresh fall scent to create beautiful fire starters.

Time from start to finish: 20 minutes

Gather supplies

Gather Supplies

Assemble wire rack, dried pine cones, crayons and heat gun. Spread pine cones over rack.
Tip: if you are adding scent, scent the pinecones before you begin. Cinnamon essential oil provides a wonderful seasonal smell.

Step #1

Cut up crayons

Cut Up Crayons

Cut up old crayons in autumn colors into medium-sized chips.

Step #2

Set heat gun temperature

Set Heat Gun Temperature

The ideal temperature for this project is 500 degrees.

Step #3

Sprinkle crayons over pine cones

Sprinkle Crayons Over Pine Cones

The crayon pieces will add a nice touch of fall color.

Step #4

Melt crayons

Melt Crayons

Pass heat gun over pine cones until crayons melt and create a colorful, textured pattern.

Step #5

Let dry

Let Dry

Let crayon pine cones dry and harden.

Step #6

Fill bag or basket

Fill Bag or Basket

Place hardened pinecones in a cellophane bag or in a pretty basket.

Step 7

Decorate basket

Decorate Basket

Create a basket to present cones by spraying the bottom portion of a basket with a favorite color of paint.

Step 8

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