Painting Shed

Sheds can be more than just a practical storage unit on your property, they can be a key part of your backyard landscaping. It is critical to take good care of the storage shed and make sure it is maintained over the years. Make your shed look great by following these simple steps.

Steps For Painting Your Shed

You Will Need:

Step 1 - Prep The Surface

Surface preparations are critical to every painting project. It is important to remove all debris, dirt and loose paint prior to priming or painting. This step allows the paint to properly adhere to the surface for better protection and longer durability. Scrape, and pressure wash all the old paint and debris. Let the surface dry thoroughly. Fix any old boards and nail them down.

Step 2 - Set Up Drop Cloths

Place drop cloths on the ground. Tape and mask anything you don't want painted. Cover doors, hinges, door handles, roof of the shed, etc.

Step 3 - Set up the FLEXiO 4000 Sprayer

Assemble according to manufacturers instructions. Be sure to use the test spray chart to try your sprayer before starting your project.

Step 4 - Line the cup with a plastic liner to make cleanup easy

Step 5 - Fill With Paint

Step 6 - Start Painting

Practice on cardboard or on the test sheet to get familiar with the sprayer and the settings.

Step 7 - Start At The Edge

Hold the sprayer 3-5 inches from the surface and glide the sprayer left to right until reaching the end of the wall. Overlap each pass about 50%

Step 8 - Check Coverage

Periodically step back and check spray coverage. Cedar shakes are porous and absorb a great deal of paint.

Step 9 - Spray Vertical Edges

Switch to vertical spray pattern and spray boards up and down or place at a slight angle to finish angled roof line trim boards.


If you take a break or see paint collecting on the spray tip, wipe it down with a wet cloth or rag. That will help improve spray performance.

Shed Looks Great!

Once the shed is painted, it will be protected and keep your backyard looking great for years to come.

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