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Painting Patio Doors Black

Add contrast to your living space by painting your patio doors black using a Wagner paint sprayer.



Since we moved in to our new home last summer, we have repainted the entire main floor from green to a nice bright white. This refresh has made all the difference in making our home modern and inviting, but in the living room we were finding it to be lacking contrast. We swapped out the older French doors for French doors with more glass and decided to go all in and paint it black. I'm so glad we did!




Remove doors and set up spray area

Mask off your spray tent. We decided to paint the doors before installing, then to do a touch up coat once installed. We set up this first spray tent in our furnace room so we didn't have to worry about masking the floor or ceiling (there isn't either!). We used a stapler for the ceiling, double sided painters tape and regular painters tape. We masked off the glass and the hinges using painters tape and newspaper.


Wipe doors down and practice spraying

Next, we gave the doors a wipe down using water. If they were in rough shape or grimy (if you were painting the exterior especially!) I would suggest using TSP.

Next we started spraying! I used an outdoor rated satin finish paint for the doors in the same black we'd painted our master bedroom. I love the depth of the color. I tested the sprayer on the paper of the door windows before moving on to the door itself. This allowed me to adjust the settings for the perfect spray pattern with the thicker outdoor paint.


Select setting

Begin with the settings recommended in the manual.



Spray using a left to right pattern and slowly spray down the door, overlapping each row about 50%.

When finished, rinse and clean the nozzle with warm soapy water and the flexible scrub brush included in the kit.


Re-install, touch-up and remove masking

After installing the door, we repeated this process in our living room to touch up any spots that were scuffed during install. Before the second spray, we used a fine grit sand paper to lightly knock down any texture on the first layer of paint.

Remove all masking and tape to reveal your beautiful new painted doors and add your door hardware.

This sponsored post was created by Lemon Thistle. Head to the blog for the full post and details about this project.

Products Used


Drop cloths (we used the plastic for easy clean up of the spray 'tent')

Fine grit sandpaper

Double-sided painter's tape

Painter's tape

Paper for any windows

Paint (satin or semi-gloss finish for doors)

Safety glasses and respirator mask recommended

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