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updated bathroom cabinets

Tips for Painting Laminate Cabinets

Painting laminate cabinets requires a few different steps. Check out this post on tips for painting laminate cabinets using a sprayer.



Painting cabinetry in your home can be such an impactful and satisfying way to get a totally new look in your space on a budget. But, if you don’t have real wood cabinets, it can feel like an intimidating process. Painting laminate cabinets requires a slightly different approach, but with the proper prep work you can get beautiful, durable results that will last you for years!

Here are a few tips to help you paint laminate cabinets for the best, most long-lasting finish:


before image


painted cabinets after

Use the Right Primer

With wood cabinetry, the key is to sand them thoroughly, and then primer is more or less optional (though, it always is a good idea!). When you’re working with laminate pieces, however, primer is absolutely imperative to making sure the paint adheres.

Before beginning, you’ll want to very thoroughly clean your cabinets and lightly sand them to scuff up the surface (not necessarily to remove the finish). Then, we've found using a shellac-based, stain-blocking primer and doing two coats on the cabinets works best. This is a very important step - and the type of primer you use matters - because laminate pieces don’t generally have the best adhesion when it comes to paint. Adding the right primer will help your paint stay on the cabinets and give a lasting finish.

You can hand-roll the primer or use your Wagner sprayer for it - but remember, if you use a shellac or oil-based primer in your paint sprayer, you’ll need to clean with mineral spirits afterwards, not just water and soap.

cabinets before painting

Use Your FLEXiO Sprayer for a Perfect Finish

If you want the finished product to look like a professional, factory-finish, using a paint sprayer is a must. I used my Wagner FLEXiO 3000 with the detail finish nozzle to paint my cabinets, and the result is absolutely stunning.

Even with a self-leveling paint, using a roller or brush can sometimes lead to drips, roller marks, or other slight imperfections in the finish. But using your paint sprayer is a great way to ensure an absolutely beautiful finish - don’t forget to lightly sand with 320 or 400-grit sandpaper between each coat for an even more perfect finish!

cabinets during painting

Choose a Self-Leveling Paint

Finally, when you’re choosing paint for your cabinet project, you’ll want to pick a cabinet + trim enamel that’s specifically formulated to be self-leveling and be durable enough for cabinetry. If you use the same latex paint you use on your walls, the results may be a bit more lackluster. Cabinet and trim paint is created to be self-leveling, which means fewer noticeable paint lines, and it also is created to be a bit more durable and stand up to the test of time.

bathroom cabinets after

Enjoy the new cabinets!

Painting your laminate or non-wood cabinetry shouldn’t feel intimidating - it’s never a small project to take on painting cabinets, but the transformation is absolutely beautiful, and it’s worth the effort!

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updated bathroom cabinets
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