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painted brick fireplace

Painted Brick Fireplace

Learn how to paint and update an indoor brick fireplace using a Wagner paint sprayer to quickly paint the brick for a clean, new look.



Over the past couple years I have been considering painting our faux stone fireplace. This year I finally got the nerve to do it! With the help of my Wagner Flexio 4300, I was able to easily paint my fireplace and get the look I was looking for. I am so thrilled with the results!

I have wanted a tone on tone look to the fireplace for a while. I have been wanting to update it and give it a bit more of a modern look without tearing out the entire thing. The original was very pretty but I was never fully in love with it.

Painting is so much more economical. I actually chose the same paint color that we used for the outside of our house. It is the perfect black/charcoal/ with a touch of grey, brown and blue.


fireplace before painting


fireplace after painting

Mask and Cover

To start, make sure everything is clean and free of dirt, dust, and oily substances. Once it is clean, mask off everything you do not want painted. I would recommend putting a cloth down on the floor and mask off windows if they are nearby, just to be safe.

assembling the sprayer

Paint the Brick Fireplace

Once everything is masked off, painting was very quick. I painted a couple of thinner coats, making sure to let it dry in between each coat.

I did not paint the hearth, since our fireplace is used a lot, I wanted to keep the hearth original and not worry about too much wear and tear.  I also liked the way it contrasted with the rest of it.

Once it was all painted, I let it dry completely.  You may want to apply a sealer but with the paint I used, I decided it would be durable enough.

painting a fireplace

Remove the Masking

Now to take off the plastic and decorate! It just so happened that we did this right before the holidays so we decked it out for Christmas.

fireplace makeover

Enjoy the New Look!

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painted brick fireplace
Products Used


Paint(You may want to use heat resistant paint depending on the fireplace)

Masking tape

Wagner FLEXiO 4300 Paint Sprayer

Painters drop cloths

Masking paper and/or masking paper

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