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How to Paint Porch Columns with These Simple Tips

Discover tips and tricks on the best way to paint porch columns using a Wagner paint sprayer to get a super smooth, professional finish.

This is where we started. This is what the porch looked like at the beginning of the week. Umm. YIKES. This porch needed to be painted immediately. Truth? I was a little overwhelmed because of the sheer size of the project. Where should we start? Where should we begin. Good thing we found the Wagner FLEXiO 5000 Paint Sprayer. It made this entire project so much easier.

white porch column

Step 1: Prepare the Columns

Prep the spaces you want to start by power washing the porch. This will remove dirt and grime and prepare your surfaces for painting. Let your porch dry before continuing. You don’t want to paint wet wood. Next, caulk any areas that have gaps and fill in any holes with wood putty.

Next, cover all the surfaces before you start painting–especially if you are using a sprayer like we are and tape around edges that you won’t be painting.

Step 2: Set Up Your Sprayer

Assemble your tools The sprayer is so lightweight because the motor is housed in the case on the ground. It has controls on the handle that lets you easily adjust the amount of spray that comes out of the sprayer at any one time and it paints a surface 12 times faster than a brush.

You can start with it adjusted to zero and then turn it up depending on the amount of spray that you need.

You can also adjust whether you want the spray to come out vertically or horizontally by turning the dial on the front of the sprayer.

wagner paint sprayer

It’s so easy to use, too.

You just fill up the container with paint and screw it into the paint sprayer. No messy tubes or trying to connect with paint cans.

pouring paint into container

Here’s how to add the paint to the sprayer. You just fill up the container and attach the container back to the sprayer. We used exterior paint from Sherwin-Williams to paint the porch.

Step 3: Start Spraying

This sprayer is so easy to use Here are a few paint sprayer tips we learned along the way.

  • Practice first–don’t start with your project
  • Instead, get a board and practice using the sprayer first
  • Keep your spraying distance even
  • Go slowly to ensure even coverage
  • Adjust the pressure on the sprayer to get a good spray pattern
  • Overlap your sprays
  • Keep the paint sprayer upright and parallel to the ground when using it

sprayer painting porch column

That’s it. Your porch project is finished.

painted front porch

repaired porch column

These columns are over 75 years old. And when you have a few wrinkles and lines and distressed surfaces, you need all the help you can get. And the porch?

It (and the people who painted it) all lived happily ever after.

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