How to Paint a Basement Quickly

The paint made it so much happier and I am excited to get the rest of it done and put together. We will be using the Wagner Control Pro 130 on so many other projects because we loved it that much.

Hello! My name is Lindsay and I am the creator at My Creative Days .Today, I am here to talk to you about a new tool we were able to use in our current flip house that we absolutely loved and have raved about since using it.

Basement before painting Square

Last weekend, we needed to tackle the "dungeon" room in the flip house. We called the basement bathroom the "dungeon" because it was painted black, was full of cobwebs and hadn't been used or loved in a long time. We didn't want to spend any time in there. It wasn't welcoming at all.

Bathroom Before Square

These kinds of rooms excite me in our flip projects because they are the ones that I know we can breathe life into and make completely different with even the smallest changes. The bathroom is a good size and even the rafters in the ceiling were painted black. I told my husband, Matt that a lighter paint color alone will change that room. When we were talking about painting everything (even the ceilings), we knew we needed a paint sprayer for the job. We were excited to try the Wagner Pro 130.

Shower before painting square

We have tried a few different paint sprayers in all of the DIY projects and flip houses we have done. Matt loved this one the best because it was easy to set up, run and clean.

Control Pro 130 Square


How to Use the Wagner Control Pro 130 Step 1:

I am going to show you just how easy it was. First, hook the hose up to the base of the sprayer. We used a wrench to make sure it was on tight.

Control Pro 130 Square

Tighten Hose with a wrench square

Step 2:

Then, attach the other end of the hose to the sprayer. Again, we used a wrench to make sure it was tight.

Connecting hose to gun square

Tighten hose and gun with wrench Square

That's all you have to do to get the unit together.

Control Pro 130 Spray Gun square

Step 3:

Now, it was time to pour the paint into the tank. The sprayer holds one gallon easily.

Pouring paint into the hopper 2 square

Pouring paint into the hopper square

Step 4:

Once the paint was in, it was time to prime the machine. Make sure the knob is turned to the arrows and then turn the machine on. When you see the paint coming through the tube on the side, you know it is primed. Turn off the machine and now it is time to spray.

Prime Control Pro 130 square

Priming Control Pro 130 square

Turn the knob to the sprayer function.

Spray Switch square

Step 5:

Before you spray, make sure you have prepped the space. We were painting everything, so we just had to cover some glass blocks in the shower, the window and the sink. We used plastic and painter's tape to cover those areas. Once we got down to the bathroom, Matt turned the nozzle on the sprayer sideways so it would spray the paint that way. We had the entire bathroom sprayed in under twenty minutes!!!! There wasn't a lot of overspray at all and the thing we loved most about this sprayer was how easy it was to use. The amount of paint that comes out of the sprayer gives such a thorough coat of paint. We thought we would have to do many coats because this bathroom was so dark and dingy, but it only took two coats. The entire bathroom, including the shower area used two gallons of paint.

Prepare your space for painting square

Prepare your space for painting 2 square

Preparing to spray paint square

Spraying paint with the Control Pro 130 Square

We have used other, bigger sprayers in our flip projects. I thought Matt loved those sprayers. That all changed once he used the Wagner Control Pro 130. I can't believe how many times he said, "I love this sprayer!" It was so much easier to use, the paint went on right where he wanted it and it covered so well. We have used a lot of different tools and gadgets over the years which is a favorite part of what we do. We like trying new things and because of that, we are able to give an honest review on how each one works. This sprayer is a game-changer. We DIY everything we can so we are always looks for tools that will make our jobs easier and done efficiently. The Wagner sprayer did both. For bigger projects like this, he will be getting this sprayer out before any of the others.

Spraying basement walls with the control pro 130 square

Step 6:

To clean the machine, Matt first cleaned out the tank.

How to clean the control pro 130 square

Then, Matt filled the bucket with water and ran the primer and the sprayer function to make sure the tubes and the sprayer were cleaned out. Once the primer tube was cleaned out, he sprayed the nozzle until clear water was coming out.

Cleaning the control pro 130 2 square

The most important thing about keeping paint sprayers in working order, is to take time to clean them after you use them. Matt spent about twenty minutes cleaning the machine. To be honest, it took him longer to clean it then it did to paint the bathroom. A little extra time spent on cleaning the machine will ensure it is in great working order the next time you need to use it. We still have some work to get done in this bathroom, but it is already a space we don't mind being in anymore.

Cleaning the control pro 130 3 square

The paint made it so much happier and I am excited to get the rest of it done and put together. We will be using the Wagner Control Pro 130 on so many other projects because we loved it that much. The simplicity of setting it up, running it to paint and how simple it was to clean makes it the perfect sprayer for DIYers like us. To see more of this flip house project and all of our other DIY projects, I would love for you to visit my blog My Creative Days.

After painting square

after painting 2 square

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