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Feature Image Surprise Nursery Makeover

Nursery Makeover Over Traditional Baby Shower

Surprise Nursery Makeover - Close friends gather for a nursery makeover instead of a traditional baby shower. The results are an afternoon of fun, reflection and memorable good times . . . and a stellar surprise for an expectant Mom.



Baby showers can be somewhat stale and inactive, especially if in your circle of friends a visit from the stork isn’t that rare. Enter Lindsey Morin and her idea to have a spray day and make over her friend Molly’s spare bedroom as a nursery for her upcoming bundle of joy. Lindsey enlisted the help of mutual friends and planned a morning of painting coupled with an afternoon room reveal and a festive celebration. It was a honey of a surprise.

“The room reveal is a surprise,” Lindsey said. “But the planning, color palette, and motif are not. We spent time with Molly to figure out her design scheme for the room. She built a mood board online so we were all on the same page as to what she was looking to achieve and how the design would ultimately look.”



Molly loves yellow and picked a honey bee theme. Family furnishing were upcycled for the room using Wonder-Pure Pittsburg Paints Sol de Yucatan, a zero-voc paint which is safest for the new arrival.

Easy Nursery Makeover

Cut your stencils and adhere to wall

Cut your design out of mylar paper and simply stick to the wall with stencil adhesive.

Hand-cut stencils out of black mylar are adhered to the wall with low-tack stencil adhesive.

honey bee stencils

Attach stencils and tape

Design elements were gathered at local stores with the color palette in mind.

Wooden laser-cut flowers are attached to the side of the cupboard with map pins while blue tape is employed to fashion flower stems. Stencils and painter’s tape makes it super easy to add instant style.

Laser Cut Flowers as Stencils

Assemble sprayer

“This paint project is so easy,” Lindsey says. “It is so much fun doing it all with your friends.”

Setting up paint sprayer for spraying

Use face protection

We decorated facemasks for the actual spraying with little sugar honey bees, and we each took turns spraying the walls and furnishings.”

Honey bee face masks

Place drop cloths and begin spraying

The women prepped the furnishings first and used a fabric drop cloth as a spraying backdrop for the crib and cupboard. “We did everything in one color,” says Rebecca. “It provided a fresh, modern backdrop for pillows, fabrics and furnishings.”

Spraying crib with paint sprayer

Spray walls

Spray over and then remove the stencil to reveal a crisp relief.

Spraying Nursery Walls

Spray cupboard

Spray over stencils and tape on the cupboard and remove to reveal a pretty floral design.

Spraying a Dresser for a Nursery


Painted and furnished, the crisp new nursery is a culmination of friendship and fun around creating something special and memorable for all involved.

Surprise Nursery Shower

Thank you friends!

Molly is grateful and calm about bringing her new arrival home to such a happy place.

Nursery Surprise Baby Shower Attendees

A beautiful reveal

Yellow is uplifting and illuminating—it inspires hope and light.

Dresser with Stencil

Fun accessories

The rug was found online at A plush lion makes its way to the crib.

Nursery Makeover Baby Shower

Time to celebrate

Once the room is complete and the accessories loaded in, it is time for a celebration. A beehive-shaped cake keeps with the theme. Delicious bites are a mix of sweet and savory. Bee cookies are a pretty take-away for the guests. A honey bee cutter cuts watermelon shapes for fruit salad. Tea punch is made with lemons and raspberries. Finger foods are just the right fare for an afternoon of work and fun. Lollipops shine in the glow of the newly decorated nursery.

Refreshments for Nursery Baby Shower
Products Used



Nursery furniture

Black mylar

Laser cut stencils

Painter's tape


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