concrete planters with flowers

How to Make Concrete Planters

Learn how to make sturdy, durable concrete planters for your summer flowers and herbs this summer by using a Wagner heat gun.

Hey everyone, this is Lindi from Love Create Celebrate. It’s just about summertime, and there’s nothing I enjoy making more in the summer than planters! We’ve made all kinds of planters in the past, but this summer we tried our hands at concrete ones for the first time and loved it!

If you’re never worked with concrete, it’s a great material to use for the outdoors because it withstands the weather beautifully, plus it’s very affordable, at less then $10 for a whole bag! And if you already have some plastic containers and a Wagner FURNO 300 on hand, the project couldn’t be easier to do!

We made a couple of different concrete molds for our patio out of plastic containers we had on hand and melamine (which took a few more steps, but was still very easy to make.

planter mold

Once your molds are ready, you simply coat them (we used WD-40 to keep the concrete from adhering to the mold), fill them with your mixed concrete, and let them sit according to your concrete directions.

mixing concrete

plastic container for concrete mold

pouring concrete mold

When they are done, you can easily remove the plastic containers from the inside and outside of your planters using your Wagner FURNO 300 Heat Gun!

NOTE: Make sure to work in a well ventilated area and follow the proper safety and respiratory procedures when melting plastic.

heating concrete mold

heating concrete mold

We tried a few different shaped molds and learned a lot from our failures and successes while we made out concrete planters! Check out our video tutorial and post at Love Create Celebrate to hear all of our tips and tricks!

completed planters with flowers

close up of concrete planters

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