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Keeping Your Home Clean and Sanitized this Winter

Use chemical free steam to clean and disinfect your home from germs this holiday season! Steam clean your floors, countertops, bathrooms and more!



Right now it is really important to be able to sanitize our homes. With the impending flu season and the continued threat of Covid-19, keeping our families safe from illness from surface germs has never been more crucial.


The best way to disinfect

While over the counter disinfecting sprays can eliminate some concerns about germs in your home, the most effective way to kill germs and bacteria is to use a steam cleaner like the the Wagner 915 Power Steamer.

wagner power steamer

Cleans a wide variety of surfaces

By using high-temperature, pressured steam the Power Steamer kills 99% of bacteria and germs without chemicals safely and in seconds. This super useful machine heats up in minutes and not only cleans surfaces like counters in the kitchen and bathroom, but also doorknobs, appliance handles, faucets, and sinks.

steam cleaning trash can

Nothing toxic

In addition to its germ-fighting capabilities, this machine has a myriad of household uses. It easily cleans the oven without chemicals or fumes, steams wrinkles out of clothes and drapes, tackles dirty grout, and even has an attachment to steam mop the floor. More importantly, the Power Steam machine cleans without adding anything toxic into your home. I have confidence our home is clean, sanitized and germ-free using the Wagner 915 Power Steamer.

steam cleaning handles

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