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icicle ornaments

Icicle Christmas Ornaments with a Heat Gun

Learn how to make DIY icicle Christmas ornaments for your tree this holiday season using a Wagner heat gun and acrylic sheets.



Growing up my mom had these beautiful glass icicles ornaments. I loved the look of them but I worried that in a house full of boys, they would break. I found a solution and made these DIY icicle Christmas ornaments that are boy mom approved!



  • Wagner HT400 Heat Gun
  • 8x10 Sheet of Acrylic
  • Acrylic Knife
  • Leather Work Gloves
  • Drill & Drill Bit
  • Sandpaper
  • Ruler


Cut the Acrylic

You will need something to act as the straight edge to cut against.I placed the ruler along the edge creating a long triangle shape. I scored it about 5 times with the acrylic knife.

scoring the acrylic

Snap Off and Sand

After that I used needle nosed pliers to gently snap it off. Start at the top and keep moving down to the tip. Then you should be able to snap the whole thing off. Sometimes the tip will break off, but that is okay. Sand it if it is sharp.

snap off acrylic

Drill a Hole

You can drill a hole for the string after you are done making them, but I found it to be easier to do it while they are still flat. Make sure to lay down some scrap wood to protect your work surface.

drill hole on icicle

Apply Heat with the Heat Gun

It is time to grab some leather work gloves and the Wagner HT400 heat gun! Always work in a ventilated area. You may want to wear a mask for this as well.. Hold the plexiglass with a gloved hand and the heat gun with the other. Heat only the top little bit. It will be ready when it gets soft and bends a bit.

heat acrylic

Enjoy the Icicle Ornament

Twist the soft acrylic. Keep repeating the process of heating a small section at a time and twisting it until you have the whole thing done. I like to use fishing line to hang them but you can use string or metal hooks. They look beautiful with and without the lights on!

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diy icicle ornament
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