A shiplap accent wall freshly paint sprayed and decorated

How to Paint a Shiplap Accent Wall

Wood is all the rage these days when it comes to accent walls. Create a stunning accent wall in your home using a FLEXiO sprayer.



Wood is all the rage these days when it comes to accent walls, everything from old barnwood boards to new boards designed to look old. Creating an accent wall is a great way to add life to any room, and in this DIY project, we'll paint a shiplap accent wall. All you need is some paint and a FLEXiO sprayer from Wagner.


White shiplap accent wall with room cleared to prepare the paint spraying area


Completed how to paint a shiplap wall project, painted in sea green.

Prep Your Area

Start by masking and covering anything you don’t want spray paint on, including your floor, windows, and furniture. We recommend using canvas drop cloths to protect the floor and lightweight plastic sheeting and masking tape to protect other walls and the ceiling from overspray.

White shiplap accent wall with room cleared to prepare the paint spraying area

Setting up the Sprayer

Prepare your paint sprayer and use the iSpray nozzle, which is ideal for spraying broad surfaces like walls. Adjust the sprayer’s material flow, pattern, and width to suit your material needs. Practice on some scrap cardboard or the included spray poster to get comfortable with the paint spray gun and adjust the settings for the best finish.

Floor, walls, and fireplace masked off with plastic and painter's tape, and a women holding a Wagner FLEXiO HVLP paint sprayer

Paint Spray the Shiplap Gaps

Learning how to paint between shiplap boards is easy, so start by adjusting the paint sprayer to the narrow setting. When paint spraying the gaps, you want to make two passes to ensure you get full coverage. The first pass is angled up and the second pass is angled down. This ensures that all areas are covered and you don’t have any bare spots. If you're spraying real wood, make sure you spray it in the direction of the grain. It’s also good to spray lengthwise to avoid pooling of the paint in the gaps and potential dripping. The shiplap boards might take paint differently depending on what they're made of.

A woman showing how to paint between the gaps of the shiplap with a Wagner FLEXiO paint sprayer.

Spray the Shiplap Boards

Now it’s time to paint spray the shiplap board surfaces. Adjust the spray to the wide spray pattern and spray the rest of the wall. With the FLEXiO sprayer, you want to make sure you're paint spraying 6-8” from the wall and overlapping the passes by 50%.

A woman spray painting a shiplap accent wall sea green with a HVLP paint spray gun

Enjoy the Accent Wall

With a little bit of paint and shiplap, the wall was transformed! Be sure to complete this DIY project withhome decorations, and watch our how-to video to see these tips and tricks in action!

Shiplap fireplace wall complete with home decor
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