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painted bedroom

How to Paint a Room

Learn how to paint an entire room (ceilings and walls!) using a paint sprayer and also cover old, outdated designs or paint.

DIFFICULTY: Intermediate


My son’s room used to have this fun chevron wall. However, he had grown very tired of it and was ready for a change. I guess being a teenager does that to you. I want to share how to paint a room with a paint sprayer and how to cover difficult walls, like this bold chevron wall.


bedroom before painting


bedroom after painting

Clear Room and Mask

The first thing you will want to do is clean out the room and/or cover furniture to protect it. I keep some of our furniture in the center of the room covered by drop cloths.

Next you want to protect your windows, outlets, and light fixtures using masking tape, masking paper, and plastic drop clothes. Plastic drop cloths are light and easy to use as protection for windows and doors.

I like to use masking paper to tape off windows and around the baseboards. You can then add the plastic or fabric drop cloth as more protection. The paper is easier to work with, tapes easily to surfaces and makes a nice clean line.

mask off room

Prime the Walls and Ceiling

Start by sanding the edges of the painted pattern, clean and apply a coat of primer. I used my Flexio 4300 to do this and focused mainly on painting the blue stripes. Those were what needed the most coverage.

priming walls with sprayer

Paint the Walls and Ceiling

Then, after giving the paint sprayer a good cleaning, I applied 1-2 coats of paint on the ceilings first, and since I was painting it all white, I did not need to mask the walls. I painted the ceiling and then the walls, painting left to right, and then down to give me a consistent coverage.

Once you are done painting the walls, the best part awaits!

painting walls with sprayer

Remove the Masking

Peeling off the masked areas! It is so satisfying to reveal a nice clean line. The Flexio 4300 paint sprayer is a great machine for painting indoors, outdoors and for detail work! It comes with two different nozzles, the iSpray nozzle and a gravity feed nozzle for detail work. I love that you can adjust the spray pattern, air pressure and material flow.

remove masking

Enjoy the Room!

The finished product is exactly what my son was hoping for!

The clean white walls are a great backdrop to his simple style. He wanted minimal and that is exactly what he got.

The Flexio 4300 made this job super easy, and it took us an afternoon to prep and paint!

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painted bedroom
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