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wood holder

How to Make a Firewood Holder

If you're stocking up on wood for the winter then create and display your wood in style by creating a unique firewood holder using a Wagner sprayer!

DIFFICULTY: Intermediate


Whether you are stocking up for the fall and winter, or you simply have extra wood around, today I am sharing all the details on how to make a firewood holder with you! This firewood holder is easy to make and has a fun and modern style to it and it won’t completely break the bank to make either. Keep reading for all the details.

If you want a few more details on this project including my money saving tips so that you can create something similar for only $49, be sure to check out the corresponding post on my blog here.


cutting wood


wood holder

Cut the Wood Pieces

Cut the (4) 1" x 8" x 6' boards into (8) 3' lengths using a miter saw.

Also, cut the 2" x 2" board into (4) lengths approximately 14.5" long or the width of (2) 1” x 8” boards placed next to each other.

cutting wood

Set Up Spray Area and Sprayer

Using a spray shelter and a drop cloth, set up your painting station.

Use a liner in your spray cut, stir and strain your stain and then put it into the cup.

strain paint

Spray the Boards

Spray all sides of your boards with 1 or 2 coats of stain as desired, letting it dry in between coats. After each coat of stain, use a chip brush to back brush your stain IF the directions indicate to do this.

woman spraying

Cut Metal

Cut the metal angle iron into (4) lengths that are approximately 14.5” long using a metal cut off blade. You want these lengths to be about the same length as the width of (2) 1" x 8" boards next to each other.


Attach Boards to Each Other

Use a Kreg Jig to attach (2) 1" x 8" boards to each other. You should end up with (4) board sections approximately 14.5" w by 3' l.

connecting pieces

Place the Boards in a Square

Place the boards on the ground in a square and place a 2" x 2" board on the inside of each corner.

Use a drill and screws to attach the boards to the 2" x 2" boards. This will create a very stable and strong connection point on all corners of your square.

*Note this is helpful to have an extra set of hands to do this part.

drilling wood together

Attach Metal Corners

Attach the angle iron pieces to the outside of all corners of your square using a drill and screws.

metal corner

Create Legs and Enjoy!

Attach the end caps to the pipe to a flange to create legs. Do this for all (4) sets of pipe. Screw these into the wood square approximately 17.5" from the bottom corner of the square to the bottom of the flange. But please measure and place them in the exact right spot for your project.

Move to the location of choice and fill with firewood!

This sponsored post was created by Simply Designing. Head to the blog for the full post and details.

wood holder
Products Used


Wagner FLEXiO 4000 Paint Sprayer

Wagner Spray Shelter

12” Compound Miter Saw

Wood Blade for Miter Saw

Metal Cut-Off Blade for Miter Saw

Kreg Jig and Screws

Drill + Drill Bits

Electric Sander


Wagner Spray Cup Liners

Outdoor Stain, Valspar Darkest Night, Semi-Transparent

Chip Brush

Drop Cloth

(4) 1" x 8" x 6' Pine Boards

(1) 2" x 2" x 6' Pine Board

(4) 3/4" Black Iron End Cap

(4) 3/4" x 18" Black Iron Pipe

(4) 3/4" Black Iron Flange

(2) 1 1/4" x 36" Welding Angle Iron

Note: All of the dimensions I am giving are approximate. And while I am giving approximate dimensions, it is always smart that you measure and cut your own boards because even a slight variation in cuts can tweak the entire dimensions of everything. You are responsible for measuring your own cuts.

Also please use all proper safety gear, follow manufacture instructions, and when in doubt, seek professional help. I am sharing how I created these projects, but I am not liable in any way for any results or injury. See my privacy policy for more details.

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