Pumpkin forming with a heat gun

Heat Gun Pumpkin Decorating

A heat gun will soft sculpt an everlasting pumpkin.

It doesn't take a spell or potion to conjure up your inner pumpkin master. All you need is a plastic everlasting pumpkin and the Wagner FURNO 500 Heat Gun to sculpt a wicked witch that is sure to scare ghosts and goblins away. Once prepared, the heat gun will aid in crackling the paint and creating just the right scary, vintage finish.

Step 1:

Set the heat gun to medium heat and place directly over pumpkin where recessed eye sockets will be.

Step 1 Pumpkin heating

Step 2:

Heat 15 seconds and use a metal kitchen spoon to create indentations.

Pumpkin Decorating

Step 3:

The heat gun can be used to create both eye sockets and a mouth indentation.

Pumpkin Shaping

Pumpkin Melting with a heat gun

Step 4:

Then paint the entire pumpkin and immediately dry with the heat gun to create a crackle finish.

Pumpkin Shaping with a heat gun

For a full-size Creator, perch pumpkin atop a dress form. Create similar decorative pumpkins to line benches, stone walls, and staircases. Wrap in craft paper to store and use from year to year.

Pumpkin head witch

Soft Sculpt Pumpkins

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FURNO 500 Heat Gun
FURNO 500 Heat Gun
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