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garage accent wall reveal

Garage Accent Wall Makeover

Learn how to makeover your garage by adding a board and batten accent wall using a Wagner SMART Sidekick roller to apply the finish.



Need a fun and affordable accent wall idea in your home or garage? Try installing a DIY board and batten wall! This is a really simple accent wall treatment that won’t take long to install, but it will go a long way towards making your house feel more cozy and welcoming.


garage before image


garage after board and batten

Plan and Design

Start by planning out where your battens will go - you want to be sure not to run into any outlets or leave small gaps. It’s ideal if the spacing can be equal around the space, but you should plan each wall individually and adjust if needed. A good rule of thumb for spacing is about 12-24”. The battens in this accent wall are spaced 18” apart.

board and batten boards

Nail Boards to Garage Wall

You’ll install your board and batten accent wall with an 18-gauge brad nailer. You can use construction adhesive on the back of each board if you want to make it even more permanent, but the wall should stay in place nicely with just nails if you aren’t sure you want to commit.

If your space doesn’t have baseboards, you can install a horizontal ledger board along the bottom of the wall to give the battens a place to rest and to keep everything level.

nailing boards together

Add Header Board

After installing the vertical battens, you’re ready to attach the header board at the top. You can keep it the same size as the battens, or you can do what I did here and install a 1x6 board along the top and stain it instead of painting it to match. On top of the 1x6 board, I added a 1x6 laid flat across it to create a small picture ledge. I’d recommend staining this board prior to installing it.

Once everything is installed, caulk all of the gaps and add wood filler where the boards meet each other.

nailing trim on board and batten

Paint the Wall with the SMART Sidekick Roller

Finally, you’re ready for paint! Use a Wagner SMART Sidekick Power Roller for the best, fastest, and easiest results. You can paint the entire wall prior to installing the battens, then simply touch up after installation, or you can do what I did and paint it all at once. Either way, a SMART Sidekick will make the job easier.

painting with smart sidekick

Enjoy Your Transformed Garage!

This is a project that anyone can tackle, and it will make your space feel so much more complete!

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garage accent wall reveal
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