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How to clean pet beds, toys and accessories with a Wagner steam cleaner

Steam Clean Pet Bed & Toys

In this DIY project, learn an easy, chemical-free way to refresh and clean your pet's accessories and toys with a Wagner steam cleaner.


If you have pets you know that there will be dirt, dust and odors! Dogs or cats, it doesn’t matter. Keeping pet accessories, beds, and toys smelling fresh can be a challenge. A good pet parent won’t want to use chemicals. That’s where the Wagner 915 On-Demand Power Steamer comes in handy!

This is not your grandma’s steamer. This DIY home steamer is pressurized and delivers steam at the push of a button!


Features of the on-demand 915 power steamer

Large pressurized boiler holds up to 48 ounces of water

Up to 45 minutes of run time

Includes utility brushes and two extension tubes

Fill funnel and measuring cup

Trigger on-demand control for continuous or intermittent steam

Wheels for mobility

A Wagner home steam cleaner, the On-Demand 915 Power Steamer

Run Time

Using 32 ounces of water will give you about 30 minutes of run time.

With 32 ounces of water, you can get about 30 minutes of steam cleaning

Fill Unit

A handy funnel is included to give you precise filling. NOTE: only fill the steamer while it is unplugged

The Wagner power steamer being filled with the included fill funnel

Attach Jet Nozzle

I used the Jet Nozzle for concentrated steam on the pet beds and more.

A home steamer being used to steam clean an area rug

Clean Dog Bed

Because I was just freshening up the dog beds, the nozzle was enough.

How to clean a pet bed that doesn't have a cover

Clean Toys

Old toys are the best! The one in the middle is from the dollar store, but has been a favorite for years.

How to clean pet toys with a steam cleaner

Freshen Pet Carrier

Although many toys and accessories may be washed, this often used pet carrier was really in need of freshening. Lulu Mae loves to go bye-bye. Here she is just waiting for me to finish gathering my things, and wanting to make sure I don’t forget her!

A steam cleaner is an easy way to freshen a pet carrier

Clean Pet Carrier

Using the 915 On-Demand Power Steamer really gives a strong blast of steam to this pet carrier.

A wagner steamer being used to clean a pet cleaner

Clean Sherpa Liner

Luckily the Sherpa insert is washable, but while I had the steamer out, I gave it a good blast.

A sherpa insert being cleaned with a Wagner steam cleaner

Clean Cat Pad

Let’s not forget our feline friends. This is one of those covered heating pads for Matthew. I recommend vacuuming these items before you steam them.

A cat pad being cleaned with a Wagner home steam cleaner

Unplug Unit

When you’re finished with the Power Steamer, unplug it.

A wagner steamer unplugged to cool down before storing

Allow unit to cool

Then wait at least 20 minutes for the unit to cool off and lose some pressure.

It's suggested for Wagner steamers to cool off for at least 20 minutes before storing

Release steam and pressure

CAUTION! Depress the trigger to release steam and pressure. This may take a 30 seconds or longer. When there is no air coming from the nozzle, carefully remove the fill cap (it may be hot).

The Wagner 915 steamer being depressurized before storage

Empty tank

Empty the remaining water from the tank. Never store your steamer with water inside.

All water should be removed from the steam cleaner prior to storage

Happiness ensues

It’s all about keeping the pets AND the humans happy!

A dog laying in a freshly steam cleaned dog bed

Other items that can be refreshed with steam



Lunch Boxes

Tote Bags




This sponsored post was created by My Repurposed Life. Be sure to visit My Repurposed Life for more ideas about dealing with day to day pet problems!

Our 915 On Demand steamer has a new look and even more accessories! Check out the upgraded model, our 915e On Demand Steamer!

A wagner steamer used to clean pet beds, toys, and accessories
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