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The Fastest Way to Paint a Porch

Discover how you can quickly paint your front porch and achieve even coverage with boosted curb appeal using a Wagner paint sprayer.

I love the look of painted porches, but they definitely require regular maintenance compared to their pressure-treated-lumber counterparts. Our current home has a front porch and a side porch and both are painted with white railings and gray floors. Last year I painted the front porch using a roller, but this year I used the Wagner FLEXiO 4300 sprayer, and it was much faster!

unpainted porch close up

The porch floor tends to need to be painted more frequently than the railings because it endures more wear and tear, and since our side porch is the one that we use for most of our comings and goings, it was definitely in need of some TLC.

The first step was to clear off the porch and scrub the dirt and pollen off. Then I let the floor dry for about 24 hours.

cleaning front porch

None of the paint was peeling, so I didn’t need to scrape or sand, which saved time. I used painter’s tape and a roll of painter’s craft paper to protect the railings from overspray, and then I was ready to load the FLEXiO and get started.

wagner paint sprayer

For this project, I used the FLEXiO’s iSpray nozzle and used unthinned porch and floor paint. The adjustable iSpray nozzle is designed to provide a roller-like finish on broad indoor and outdoor surfaces, and the powerful X-Boost turbine allows you to use unthinned paints, stains, and sealers.

painting with wagner sprayer

Since the FLEXiO applies coatings 12X faster than a brush, painting my side porch and steps took me about 10-15 minutes. I worked backwards, starting on the porch and spraying my way down the steps. The longest part of the process was letting the paint dry since it’s already really humid here!

spraying wood with wagner sprayer

One of my favorite things about the FLEXiO sprayer is that clean up is fast, as in it only takes about five minutes. After everything was clean, I packed the sprayer away in the included accessory bag and removed the tape and paper.

finished painted porch

This sponsored post was created by 11 Magnolia Lane. As always, the FLEXiO sprayer makes projects quick and easy. For more details or to see more of our porch, visit us at 11 Magnolia Lane.

freshly painted porch

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