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diy resin pendant

DIY Necklace Pendant

Learn how to create a DIY necklace pendant using a heat gun, resin, and dried flowers or accents to create a unique gift!



Handmade gifts are a delight for the receiver, but I also believe the giver receives a gift as well. With holiday seasons approaching, it’s time to get our creative juices flowing. One gift that always brings smiles is jewelry. It can be created from momentos from the past, and is made easy with the right tools. I’m excited to share with you my DIY necklace pendant using resin.


First, we need to gather our supplies. With creating these, your imagination is truly the limit. There are all choices of necklaces, closures, pendant fill, etc. Plus, you can use this same method to make keychains, bracelets, and more.

jewelry pieces

Next, make sure your bezel is clean and ready for your choice of fill. I want to create a heritage style piece with a story, so I choose to use my dried flowers from around my home that I’ve dried in my flower press. This is a sample of alyssum I have in my flowers boxes. However, before I put my flowers in I want to have a backing added. Initially, I use a white paper by placing my bezel under the paper and rubbing the ring to get the approximate size I need to cut. In hindsight, next time I would prefer to use paint instead and letting it cure before proceeding.

dried flowers

Then, using a small amount of glue, adhere the backing (if you’re using it) and then add the flowers to the backing and let cure.

gluing flowers

Once the backing and flowers are ready, it’s time to mix up our resin. Follow the instructions on your resin kit. Basically, it’s as simple as mixing equal parts of the resin and the activator, just be sure to mix well.

mixing resin

Before too much time passes, pour your resin into the bezel and over the flowers. The key is to not overfill…think less is more or that it will be as fun as putting toothpaste back into the tube. tsk. We want to create a sort of resin-filled bubble over your flowers.

pouring resin

Next, you’ll notice there are small air bubbles forming in the resin. There’s nothing wrong with having a few if that’s the look you desire.

bubble in pendant

However, if you want a clear resin, you’ll want to use the FURNO Micro Heat Gun to draw them out. This kit is fantastic for embossing, baking, paint pours, drying spackling, candle making to name a few. Also, it allows you to work freestanding with the built-in stand. For today’s purposes, we are using the flare nozzle with a low setting. We’ve used the larger heat guns in our kitchen remodel when we made our reclaimed counters and filled using resin. Likewise, you can see my past heat gun projects HERE.

furno micro heat gun

The idea is to pop the bubbles, but not to move the resin too much. In addition, because the resin needs to cure for 24 hours, you will need to check for more bubbles in the first hour or two. This micro heat gun makes it a snap to take care of.

popping air bubbles in resin

Here’s a peek at my resin pendant after first pass of the heat gun. Bubbles be gone!

pendant with no air bubbles

Last, but not least, we need to assemble our jewelry. Again, how you do this is complete up to you. I mounted my pendant on a jump ring and then affixed it to a link in the chain. However, your pendant could be free-floating and using all sort of types of necklaces.

diy pendant necklace

Now we have a beautiful bubble full of dried flowers that, for me, tell a story of my garden and memories with my family.

finished pendant

These are fun to make with kids, grandparents, friends, and even as a husband/wife date time as well. I’m eager to gift these to those on my gift list. I’m sure they’ll be a hit!

diy resin pendant

With each project my goal is to inspire you to take creative adventures in DIY. If you want to inspire others, do pin and share too. In addition, I’d love for you to come visit me on my blog, Prodigal Pieces, to see what else I’m up to each week. Give DIY a try and make your friends and family smile. Until next time!

Products Used


Necklace pendant bezel

Chain (or other choice of necklace – leather, elastic, hemp)

Jump rings (if desired)

Closure for chain

FURNO Micro Heat Gun Craft Kit

Resin kit

Paint or paper for backing, if needed

Pendant fill

Craft glue (optional)

Rubbing alcohol (for cleanup)

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