white outdoor greenhouse

DIY Greenhouse

Learn how to create and paint an outdoor, backyard greenhouse to store and plant summer flowers and herbs! Use a Wagner sprayer to get the job done.



It has always been a dream of mine to have a greenhouse in my backyard. This spring, we finally decided it was time! We searched the internet looking for the right one for our space, and one that would be budget friendly, functional, and structurally sound. Those were some tall asks, and we decided to build it ourselves so we could create exactly what we wanted. That is exactly what we got.


constructing backyard greenhouse


diy white greenhouse

Start with a frame

Building this greenhouse from the ground up was a great project for the entire family, but when it came time to paint it, that was all me. Once we had the frame for the greenhouse built, I used my Wagner Control Pro 130 Paint Sprayer to spray the entire thing in no time! I am not exaggerating when I say it took me less than an hour to paint the entire building!

constructing backyard greenhouse

Mask if necessary

I painted it before we installed the polycarbonate greenhouse walls, so I did not have to mask off or protect anything.

wagner paint sprayer covered in paint

Spray on paint

Instead of hand painting each and every beam and 2 by 4 by hand, I was able to use this efficient sprayer to do the job. The Control Pro 130 is my favorite sprayer. It is perfect for small jobs, but also makes big jobs seem small!

greenhouse painted white

Add finishings

The finished greenhouse is exactly what I was envisioning when we began this project. I was able to grow my own vegetable plants this year in the greenhouse and it has been so amazing.

diy backyard greenhouse

Enjoy your greenhouse!

We love to build and create with our hands. I love to take control and do it myself. My Wagner paint sprayer helped me do it all with ease. It is so easy to use and is a great addition to a do it yourselfers tool collection!

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white outdoor greenhouse
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