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DIY Geometric Barn Door

DIY Geometric Barn Door

How to build a handmade DIY geometric barn door for your home with woodworking and Wagner tools.



This project used a primed white smooth flush hardboard door slab as the door base, in simple terms - a plain inexpensive interior door. If you decide to go this route, make sure the door doesn't have visible wood grain or any pre-drilled door handle holes. You can also use a sheet of plywood or MDF board instead of the door slab.

DIY Geometric Barn Door


Standard doors are sized to fit the doorway, so you have to extend a standard door to cover the doorway on all sides.

Cut your 1x6 board to door length twice, you will stack the boards on top of each other to get the correct width of the plain door slab. Make 5 pocket holes with a pocket hole maker and clamps to attach the 1x6 board at the the bottom of the door. Attach the first board with pocket holes. Stack the second 1x6 under the first 1x6 with wood glue and clamps. Use a brad nailer to secure the two 1x6 together.

DIY Geometric Barn Door


Measure and mark all your boards. The easiest way to double check your mitered cuts is to mark where your 1x2 meets with a pencil after making your first mitered cut.

All the door slats are individually measured and cut between 40-degree to 45-degree angles. It is highly recommend drifting 1x2's before making miter cuts. Below the measurements are from longest point to longest point. For example, a 6 ¾” piece is measured from the 90-degree edge to the longest point of the 40-degree edge.

DIY Geometric Barn Door


Attach your drift pieces with wood glue and a brad nailer, make sure not to use a ton of wood glue. The more wood glue you use the more the pieces will shift while drying. A thin line or a squiggly line of glue will do!

DIY Geometric Barn Door


Some of the gaps between geometric pieces may be larger than others so you may need more applications of wood filler. Make sure to fill gaps and cover brad nail holes.

DIY Geometric Barn Door


Wipe down the entire door with a damp cloth to remove any excess dust from sanding. If there is any dust on the door the paint will not adhere properly. Use the Spray Shelter to make sure there won’t be any particles getting stuck in the paint. The spray shelter also helps to prevent overspray on any surrounding objects!

DIY Geometric Barn Door


To spray the geometric barn door we used the Wagner Spray Tech FLEXiO 3000 hvlp paint sprayer. We used the larger nozzle called the iSpray nozzle, which is designed to spray un-thinned materials, including latex paint! The whole door was sprayed in 10 minutes with 1 QT of paint. TIP: Pour less than what you think you'll need into the paint sprayer cup, you'll waste less paint!

TIP: Be sure to use a damp paper towel to wipe off your nozzle and keep it clean while painting to ensure a professional finish.

This project was created by House on Longwood Lane . Head to her blog for more creative project ideas!

DIY Geometric Barn Door
Products Used


1 – 36 in. x 80 in. Primed White Smooth Flush Hardboard Hollow Core Composite Interior Door Slab

1 – 1x6 (for extending the door length)

1 – 1x3 @ 8FT (for door hardware mount)

13 – 1x2 @ 8FT

4 - Extended Crown Bolts (for barn door hardware)

Barn Door Hardware

Wood Filler and glue

5 - 1 1/4" Pocket hole Screws

Wood Stain (for door hardware mount)

Wiping Cloths (to clean dust off door and staining door hardware mount)

1 QT - Paint/Primer Interior Satin

Clamps (for door extension pieces)

Speed Square

Tape Measure

Safety Protection

Power Drill

Miter Saw


Brad Nailer

Pocket Hole Screw Maker

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