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freestanding pantry diy project

DIY Freestanding Pantry

Learn how to create a DIY freestanding pantry using your Wagner paint sprayer to apply the finish! This adds storage space and looks good in any kitchen.



Hi I’m Wendi from Today I’m going to share with you how to make a freestanding pantry or storage closet. You can make this pantry as basic as you’d like or add more details like a chevron door overlay or adding furniture feet.

Because seeing is often much easier than just reading about it, I’ve made an informative video tutorial which you can see below too. If you need more details on this DIY pantry or extra tips for the building process, you can find them on my website at


Cut the plywood to size. Use the ¾” plywood to cut the two sides at 22 x 74”, the top and bottom panels at 22” x 15” and the back at 15 x 74”. Use the ½” plywood to cut the door at 14 ½ x 73”, the fixed shelf at 21 1/4 x 14 5/8" and four moveable shelves at 21 ¼” x 14 5/8”.

cutting plywood

Add three sets of pocket holes along the sides of the top and bottom panels on the side that faces out. Add 5 sets of pocket holes along each side and two sets at each end on the back panel on the side that faces out. Add two sets of pocket holes to three sides of the fixed shelf.

adding pocket holes

Use a shelf pin jig to add a row of shelf pins to the front and rear of the inside side panels.

adding pin holes

Using 1 1/4” pocket screws assemble the pantry base. Lay one side panel on a flat surface with the outside facing down, attach the top and bottom panels. Then attach the other side. Next, attach the back. Last attach the fixed shelf to the inside center of the cabinet with 1” pocket screws.

assemble base

Cut the frame facing out of 1 x 2’s to fit the front of the cabinet. Place the two sides first so they are flush with the outside of the cabinet base. Attach with wood glue and 1” brad nails. Do the same for the top and bottom center face frame pieces.

add frame face

Finish the door by adding edge banding to cover the cut edges of the plywood. Trim the excess edge banding away with an edge banding tool. Next, use a hidden hinge jig to make 4 hinge holes on the inside of the door. Note: I choose to add a chevron overlay on my door to match the other chevron door in my kitchen. You can find that tutorial on my website if you choose to make a cabinet door like mine.

build cabinet door

Now you’re ready to paint your project! Set up the large Wagner Paint Shelter. Place the cabinet on its back and elevate it with wood blocks underneath and in the center. Elevate the door on sawhorses or a table.

Don’t forget to wear a face mask and safety goggles when painting.

To get the best finish, hold the sprayer about 6” from the surface, move the sprayer as you move your body or arm in steady even passes. Paint inside the cabinet first, then the outside and last the trim at the top. Give everything two coats of paint, including the shelves. Allow to dry and then bring indoors and let sit overnight.

large spray shelter

Add the hinges onto the door and attach the door to the pantry base following the manufacturer’s instructions.

cabinet door

Stand the cabinet up, attach the door handle.

attach door cabinet

Add the shelf pins and shelves.

freestanding pantry

This sponsored post was created by H2O Bungalow. Looking for more creative DIY projects for your paint sprayer? You’ll find lots of different types of home decor and home improvement project tutorials using Wagner and HomeRight products on my blog at

freestanding pantry diy project
Products Used


Plywood, ½” and ¾”

1 x 2’ boards @ 8’

Wagner Flexio 3500 Paint Sprayer

Wagner Large Paint Shelter

Table Saw


Pocket Hole Jig

Pocket Screws, 1” and 1 ¼”

Shelf Pin Jig (optional)

Shelf pins (optional)

Hidden Hinge Jig (optional)

Edge Banding

Brad Nailer

Brad Nails, 1”

Door Handle

Tape Measure

Wood Glue


Drop Cloths

Eye Protection


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