cornhole boards

How to DIY Custom Corn Hole Boards

Learn how to make a custom corn hole board set (complete with family crest decals!) and use a Wagner paint sprayer to apply a super smooth finish.

Today I have a easy, fun project for you. We're heading outside with this one, I am showing you how to make custom Corn Hole boards. They are not hard to make if you have the right tools!

cornhole board with decal

Corn Hole is an outdoor game that is super easy to play. It's very popular and often seen at parties, it is a great way to pass the time on a nice summer night. Here is an easy way to personalize your own set.

I started with these pre-made plain wood boards. You can find them on Amazon or even at a sporting goods store. If you want to you can even build them yourself, there are plenty of tutorials to do that online.

white cornhole boards

I used my Wagner FLEXiO 3000 Paint Sprayer to give the tops of the Corn Hole boards a few coats of white paint. I used a high-quality Exterior Latex since the boards are mostly used outdoors. I quickly sprayed on two coats of the white with the sprayer.

wagner flexio sprayer

Once the top coats were done, I let them dry overnight. I then used painters tape and kraft paper to cover the new white paint and work on the sides. I added some contrasting green paint on the sides again using the paint sprayer. Using the Wagner plastic cup liners makes it easy to switch colors to use the sprayer.

spraying cornhole boards with wagner sprayer

To finalize this project I ordered custom decals (we selected our family crest from printed from an ETSY seller in 18” size. We centered those on the boards and then covered them with a few coats of clear coated polyurethane for extra protection.

applying decal

Now the boards are ready for game nights all summer long!

completed cornhole boards

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