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DIY Cosplay Clone Trooper Costume

This project is from a galaxy far, far away! Learn how to use your FLEXiO sprayer to create a smooth finish on a Clone Trooper inspired cosplay costume.



This project is from a galaxy far, far away! Sully, a Wagner employee, has a hobby of creating unique cosplay costumes to wear to local charity events around Minneapolis. His latest creation: A Clone Trooper inspired costume!

Sully started by having the Clone Trooper armor specially molded and formed to be as accurate to the movie version as possible. Specifically, this armor is Republic Commando Clone Trooper.


Paint the armor - and learn a few lessons!

Sully started painting and priming his armor using a rattle spray can. He had to use a paint that specifically adheres to plastic.

After the first coat, however, Sully noticed that the finish from the spray can was uneven and runny.


Get ready to paint - again

Solution: A Wagner paint sprayer! Sully decided that a FLEXiO 3000 Paint Sprayer with the Detail Finish nozzle attached would produce much better results. He was able to find a paint very similar to his spray can which was ideal for adhering to plastic.

Sully hung the armor pieces using hooks so that he'd be able to get even coverage on every inch of armor. He also taped off areas that he didn't want painted such as the backpack straps.


Test your spray pattern

To get familiar with the sprayer and its settings, Sully tested the spray pattern on a piece of cardboard. Once he was satisfied with the consistency and flow, he was ready to paint.


Start painting

Sully managed to paint all of the armor pieces in one afternoon! Thanks to the Detail Finish nozzle, Sully was able to achieve a super smooth finish in a fraction of the time. He was happy he switched to the FLEXiO 3000 instead of using the spray can!


Have fun

Don't forget to wear your Star Wars merch for this step!


Smooth finish

Look at that smooth finish!


Finish your armor and enjoy!

Sully waited for the paint to dry and then assembled all the pieces. He also distressed the armor for the full, battle worn Clone Trooper effect.

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