cleaning home with a steamer

Deep Cleaning without Chemicals

Deep clean your home without using chemicals! Learn how to clean countertops, bedding, floors, curtains and more using nothing but steam!



Hey everyone, this is Lindi from Love Create Celebrate! Every year in the first couple of months, I get that stereotypical urge to start cleaning my house from top to bottom.


couch before cleaning


couch after cleaning

Children and pets

I love a clean home, but we have three small children, and multiple pets, so our home was in need of a deep clean to remove some set-in stains, and tackle some of those areas that we don’t typically do in our daily or weekly cleans.

cleaning carpet and drapes with a steamer

Remove stains and pet hair

We wanted to use something that could deal with stains and pet hair, without harsh chemicals, to be safest for our home and our family. Luckily the Wagner 915e Power Steamer does it all!

915e on demand steamer

Versatile steamer in the living room

Although this steamer can be used in every room, from cleaning ovens, to cleaning toilets, & grills, but we wanted to show it off by using it in our living room. We deep cleaned our space, cleaning every surface including our wool rug, our upholstered furniture, our curtains, and our flooring, in no time at all!

deep cleaning with a steamer

Watch this video for more

Once everything was clean and fresh, we also shared 5 great tips for decorating in the wintertime. To see how well our steamer worked, and to check out all of the great tips and tricks, visit our post and video tutorial at Love Create Celebrate!

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