• 12 Temperature settings 150F to 1200F
    • Graphic LED screen with push-button controls
    • 1500 Watts/5100 BTUs
    • 2 Fan Settings + cool down mode
    • Ergonomic Design for comfort and balance to reduce fatigue
    • Side Bars prevent the hot nozzle from touching the work surface
    • Integrated Stand for safe hands-free operation 
    • Soft-Grip Handle for comfort
    • One step paint removal, plus dozens of other uses
    • Hanging Loop for storage
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FURNO 500 Wagner

The NEW FURNO 500 heat gun has 12 temperature settings that range from 150F to 1200F, taking the guess work out of your most common applications. It is a versatile tool that can be used for removing paint, drying spackle, thawing pipes, and removing vinyl decals.

This multi-setting tool allows the user to set the temperature for a particular project.  101 Heat Gun Uses - Learn More

Protective Side Bars to prevent the nozzle from touching surface
Hanging Loop for storage
Ergonomic Designed Handle to maximize user comfort
Integrated Stand for hands-free operation and cool down
Soft-Grip Handle
Includes 2 nozzles
LED Screen for precise settings
12 Temperature settings, Cool down, & 3 fan settings
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