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SMART Edge Roller

$ 24.99
The SMART Edge Roller makes prep work easier and more enjoyable by eliminating hours of taping and cut-ins.

The 3" edge paint roller with adjustable trim tool is easy to load, easy to use for clean edges and easy to clean. It features a paint roller edge guard to provide crisp, clean paint lines and protect your trim.


Smart Edge Roller Setup
Smart Edge Roller Setup Video
Smart Edge Roller Painting
Smart Edge Roller Painting Video


  • Twist and Trim Tool delivers sharp clean edges and eliminates hours of taping
  • Integrated paint reservoir eliminates need for paint tray
  • Thumb trigger for controlled and precise paint delivery
  • Reservoir hold up to 6 ounces of paint and covers up to 96 linear feet in one fill
  • 3" x 3/8" roller


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Parts and Accessories

P/N 0530200

3" Roller Cover

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