Heat Guns

Wagner offers a variety of heat guns for numerous home improvement projects. Heat guns are great for thawing pipes, removing paint, bending tubes, waxing skis and more.

heat gun

Furno Heat Gun Series

The newly redesigned FURNO heat guns. Great for removing paint and flooring, bending plastic, thawing pipes, removing decals and a 100 more uses.

  • Precise temperature settings and heat delivery
  • Easy to read and adjust controls
  • Exclusive cool down functions
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Craft Heat Gun Series

A versatile tool for dozens of upcycling, hobby and craft projects.

  • Designed for stripping paint, making candles, shrink-wrapping, upholstering furniture & more
  • Ergonomic design for more comfort and less fatigue
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Motocare Heat Gun Series

The perfect tool for any garage. These heat guns are ideal for direct heat applications including de-fogging headlamps to adding or removing vinyl wraps.

  • Precise temperature settings and heat delivery
  • Ideal for removing rusty bolts and adhesives, and refreshing trim
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Parts & Accessories

Find the perfect accessory to get your project done faster and the parts to keep your products running longer.

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Heat Gun FAQ

How do you remove the power cord from the FURNO heat gun?

A) Once the cord is attached to the FURNO heat gun, it is designed to stay attached.

What is the difference between the FURNO 700 and the FURNO 750?

Heat Gun FAQ
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