Product: Flexio 2500 Sprayer

Where can I get parts for my FLEXiO series?

Parts can be purchased through online distributors, Wagner online  at or by calling us direct at 1-800-328-8251.

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What is the warranty on the FLEXiO series?

This Product, Manufactured by Wagner Spray Tech Corporation, is warranted to the original retail purchaser against defects in material and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase if operated in accordance with Wagner’s printed...

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What is the difference between the FLEXiO 2000/3000 and the FLEXiO 2500/3500?

The FLEXiO 2000 comes with the iSpray Nozzle, and has a 2 speed switch. The FLEXiO 2500 is an upgraded, compact, lightweight design that makes it easier to handle when spraying.  It comes with the iSpray...

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