We are here to answer your common questions about Wagner products. Browse below for frequently asked questions and always reach out to us if you don’t see the answer you are looking for.

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Can you use extensions with the HEA sprayers?

Yes, you can use Wagner and Titan extension up to 24”.

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How do I know what size spray tip to use?

The tip size is determined by the coating manufacturer. It may be found in the application section listed on the label of the can or bucket of paint. If it is not listed on the can...

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What spray tips are compatible with the HEA sprayers?

Only Wagner and Titan HEA spray tips are compatible with the HEA sprayers.

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Can HEA sprayers be used indoors and outdoors?

Yes the HEA sprayers can be used indoors and outdoors. Learn More.

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What does HEA mean?

HEA stands for High Efficiency Airless which means that the pump will have 55% less overspray than standard airless sprayers.

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What is the difference between an airless sprayer and an HVLP sprayer?

A)  Airless Sprayers atomize coatings by forcing the product through a small tip opening at very high fluid pressure. The fluid pressures range from 1200-3600 PSI. Airless sprayers are capable of spraying larger surfaces at higher speeds. Airless...

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