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laundry room makeover

Laundry Room Makeover with EZ Roller

Learn how to transform your laundry room with the new Wagner PaintStick EZ Roller, which draws paint directly into the handle to get projects done quickly.



I recently had the chance to complete a makeover for a friend. The goal was to get it done over the weekend, spend as little as possible, and add more functionality to the space. The room has a very typical layout. You enter in through the garage and it opens into the kitchen. It is small and rectangle in shape, with the washer and dryer taking up most of the space. It was all white, so I had a blank space to work with!


laundry room before


finished laundry room

I started by washing the walls really well. Laundry rooms can get especially dusty because of the dryer lint. After the walls had dried, I taped along the edges and along the baseboard. I used a foam brush to paint right along the tape.

washing walls

It was time to paint! This is always such a fun step in any room makeover. I was able to try out the new Wagner PaintStick EZ Roller. It is my favorite paint stick that I have ever used. After filling the stick with paint, I was ready to roll!

filling up roller

The trigger was what made this so easy to use. When you need more paint, simply squeeze, and more comes out! It made the process even faster.

painting with wagner ez roller

Once I was done painting the two walls in the greyish tan color, I pushed the extra paint back into he can. To clean the PaintStick, you can suck up warm soapy water and push it back out. DO this until the water coming out runs clear.

To finish off the room, I added beadboard that I had pre-painted before install by using the HomeRight Super Finish Max. Some hooks, a new shoe storage cabinet, and a wall cabinet helped make this space function better than before.

beadboard wall in laundry room

I’m glad that I was able to fix up this space for my friends, and thanks to the PaintStick EZ Roller, I was able to get the job done FAST!

This sponsored post was created by Not Just a Housewife. Head to the blog for the full post and details.

finished laundry room
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