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Filling & Timing Guide

Filling your Earlex Steam Generator
  • Fill with clean water using no additives
  • Do not exceed the max fill line
  • General rule is to steam the wood for 1 hour per 1″ thickness
About 23 minutes
*Use warm water to speed it up
About 2 hours on a full tank
*Only need 1 hour? Only fill tank halfway
Allow unit to cool for 2 minutes before loosening the capUnit will auto shut off if it overheats and will switch back on after about 10 minutes

How to Build a Steam Box

You can find more detailed instructions on various websites, but here is a general outline on building a steam box.

How to build a steam box
Plywood or hardwood
*One that can withstand moisture and heat
1″ x 6″ common board or 3/4″ thick plywood5″ x 5″ interior with a 3′-5′ length
  • Leave room for steam to flow around your wood piece
  • Use wood dowels to hold up the wood inside the box as metal will heat up quickly and could cause a burn
  • Drill a 9/16″ hole in your steam box to thread the fitting through it
  • Drill pressure relief holes in the bottom of the box
  • Position the steam box on a slight incline so condensation can drain out of holes at one end of the steam box
  • Include a door opening with hinges and a latch

Tips & Tricks

  • Most hardwoods will bend better than softwoods
  • Wear thick, heat-resistant gloves during use
  • The temperature inside your steam box should reach 212°F and you can use a meat thermometer through a small hole in the box to read it
  • Rubber weather stripping can be used to seal a leaky door on your steam box
  • After removing your piece from the steam box, place on a mould or jig while it dries out


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