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understaircase makeover

Painting a Small Space & Cleaning Our Paint Sprayer

Learn how to create an under the staircase hideaway using a Wagner paint sprayer, plus get tips on how to clean your sprayer once you're done using it.

DIFFICULTY: Intermediate


Hey everyone, this is Lindi from Love Create Celebrate! We have been slowly moving through our home one room at a time, painting every space, but we just painted our tiniest space ever!


staircase before


aftter staircase makeover

Examine the space

We have a small space under the stairs that used to be used for storage, but it was adjacent to our playroom and our kids were slowly but surely taking over the space! So we finally decided to let them have it.

before painting under stairs

Prepare, prime, and paint the space

We added drywall, put in flooring for them, added pot lights, and then primed and painted everything with our FLEXIO 5000! The FLEXIO 5000 made painting this small space so much easier. There are sections of the room that we would have had to lie down on our bellies to paint if we hadn’t had the paint sprayer to get into all of the nooks and crannies! Lol.

painting walls with flexio 5000

Clean paint sprayer

Since we’ve used our paint sprayer about 20 times this year on various projects, from full rooms to furniture flips, we also thought it was probably time to share how we clean our paint sprayer (including all of the stuck on and dried paint on the outside!).

cleaning paint sprayer

Enjoy the new color!

This sponsored post was created by Love Create Celebrate. Check out all of the great tips in our post and video tutorial at Love Create Celebrate.

staircase room after painting
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